Why People Use Irish Spring Soap To Deter Mice & Does It Work?

Having mice in your home is a serious nuisance, as these critters will gnaw through your belongings, walls, insulation, and wiring, and are known to carry diseases. Many people seek out ways to get rid of mice humanely, and Irish Spring soap has been a popular — if controversial — online DIY pest control solution. The theory is that mice hate the powerful scent of original Irish Spring soap. Some say that using a cheese grater on the bar and leaving the shavings around your home will cause the rodents to leave. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence supporting this, and the anecdotal evidence isn't encouraging, either.

It appears that Irish Spring probably doesn't deter mice. While it is unclear where exactly this rumor started, there are some online blogs that claim to have tried and had success with this method, although those blogs tend to rack up comments from readers whose similar efforts yielded only failure and frustration. Additionally, even if the soap's strong smell is obtrusive to these animals, you'd have to put out new soap constantly to keep the scent from fading. While Irish Spring soap might not be able to keep mice away from your home, there are humane alternatives that can help drive them out. With severe infestations, it may be best to contact a pest control professional. 

Why Irish Spring soap isn't a good mouse deterrent

These rodents are notoriously curious and persistent creatures — a little soap won't stop them from trying to get into your kitchen or building nests inside your walls. Meg Pearson, a training manager at a wildlife removal company, explained to Woman and Home why this hack isn't effective. "If mice already have an established home base, soap likely will not bother them enough to leave," she said. "Additionally, mice can grow accustomed to it or simply avoid it." Mice often chew or bite into items that aren't food, and some believe that the animal fat used in some soaps could even be enticing for them to munch on.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice is by closing off any possible entrances for them. With caulk, you can fill up any openings or cracks in the exterior of your home that could allow pests inside. You may also want to inspect doorways or windows to ensure there are no gaps, as well as areas that are often left alone, like attics. It's imperative to keep your space clean, your food sealed, and make sure there's no crumbs on your counters or floors. Frequently taking out the garbage and using a trash can with a lid will also lessen the rodents' access to food. Because mice like to hang out in cluttered areas, getting rid of unnecessary stuff could give them fewer places to hide.