HGTV's Jenn Todryk Loves This Backsplash That Will Add Pizzazz To Your Kitchen

Many HGTV stars can't get enough of eye-catching backsplash designs. For instance, "No Demo Reno's" Jenn Todryk breathes new life into kitchens with exciting backsplashes and sometimes posts those striking designs on social media. On April 28, 2021, the HGTV star posted pictures of a kitchen with a beautiful white and gray backsplash on Instagram, describing that backsplash as a "favorite feature" of the "No Demo Reno" episode it was in. The rest of the kitchen had a somewhat minimalistic vibe with crisp white cabinets and sleek black light fixtures. So, the white and gray backsplash added significant personality to the room.

Anyone who wants to follow Todryk's lead and invest in an eye-catching kitchen backsplash should know it could cost anywhere between $600 and $1,400, and you'll likely pay around $1,000. While a new backsplash isn't cheap, the investment can transform your space without requiring you to spend on new furniture, lighting, countertops, cabinets, or appliances.

Check out these similar backsplash options

Jenn Todryk's backsplash recommendations can be pricey — but you can get similar looks without paying HGTV star prices, as there are many attractive white and gray backsplash options at accessible retailers. For example, a sheet of the charming white and gray The Tile Life Santorini Geometric Star Marble Mosaic Tile, Carrara sells for around $30 at Walmart and is ideal for kitchen backsplashes.

Another option is the lovely Viviano Cressida II Royal White and Brass Waterjet Marble Mosaic, available for about $40 per square foot at Floor & Decor. While not the most affordable for some budgets, the product features a light neutral floral-ish design similar to the backsplash featured in Todryk's Instagram post.

Moreover, the MSI La Fleur Polished Marble Look Wall Tile provides a chic white and gray floral-like pattern, and you can purchase a square foot for under $40 at Home Depot. Many customers love the design, describing it as "elegant," "perfect," and "beautiful" in their reviews, as it is a beloved tile choice to add not only as a kitchen backsplash but potentially to your bathroom if you love and want to use it in another part of your home.

Other Jenn Todryk-approved kitchen backsplash ideas

While the white and gray tile with the floral-ish pattern is a beautiful backsplash, that's not the only option Jenn Todryk recommends, so don't feel limited if you don't think the backsplash's neutrals and design would be the best fit for your kitchen. After all, Todryk makes a strong case for using bold tiles. For instance, the HGTV star appreciates using brick backsplashes for a rugged spin on pizzazz. Todryk posted a picture of a striking dark brick backsplash in an otherwise light kitchen on Instagram, even writing, "I'm just a sucker for brick up against white cabinets. You'll be seeing a brick backsplash again in the season," in the caption.

On the other hand, do you prefer more subtle-yet-chic looks? Todryk doesn't only like intense, statement-making kitchen backsplashes, so don't be afraid to use a backsplash that adds a more low-key pizzazz to the space. Todyrk posted a picture of a black-and-white kitchen with an elegant white grid-like backsplash that adds a gently sleek touch to the space on her Instagram, stating, "This beautiful grid lay backsplash seduced me and now will be going somewhere in my own home soon." Therefore, regardless of your aesthetic, your kitchen will benefit from a backsplash.