HGTV's Jenn Todryk Makes A Strong Case For Using Bold Tiles Around The House

Tile is an excellent way to embellish any room in your home, whether you want to add a low-key enhancement or drastically change the room's vibe. Although some people might tell you to play it safe regarding the color and style of the tile, there's nothing wrong with choosing something that makes a statement, so don't be afraid to go bold. Of course, you should stick to your style instead of chasing trendiness and avoid tile trends that you don't like. However, if you're intrigued by lively tiles, don't let anything hold you back from giving those artistic and unique options a chance.

Even HGTV home design expert Jenn Todryk recommends going bold with your tile. "Choosing a busier tile in a space that needs a little bit a spice flung into it is a very cost-effective way to totally transform a space ... The right tile can definitely elevate your space, allowing you to implement minimal changes to the rest of the room," Todryk wrote on The Rambling Redhead. So, don't overthink it the next time you see and love a dramatic tile design. Instead, follow the HGTV star's advice and go for it.

The bold tile should complement the rest of the space

You shouldn't hold back when considering creative and loud tile options, but remember to check that those tiles still work with the rest of the room. While tiles with an intense color or design that pairs well with the rest of the space's walls, furniture, and decor will be an exciting upgrade, they can ruin the vibes if they clash and don't mix well. So, study and analyze the room and think about the lively colors and patterns that will realistically work with it before committing to new tiles, especially if there's already a statement-making piece of furniture or decoration. "Find the really cool spot in the room or space, and things just fall into place after that," Jenn Todryk told Texas Monthly.

Moreover, if the space has a specific color palette, contemplate tile hues that will complement that palette rather than clash with it. For instance, are you looking for stylish bathroom tile ideas? Intriguing sage green tiles can add more dimension and life to a bathroom with a lot of gray tones, and tiles with an intense and contrasty white and blue, back, or gray design can take a bathroom with all light neutrals from dull to dazzling. And those are only a couple of the many possibilities.

Invest in beautiful floor tiles, too

Remember, stunning tiles aren't only for showers and backsplashes, so it's also a good idea to invest in the best tile for your floor. "I would say don't go with the cheap floor ... good flooring, for sure, something that will last you the test of time," Jenn Todryk told Dallas News. Therefore, if you plan on tiling a floor in your home, invest in attractive, high-quality tiles rather than something inexpensive but offputting and poor quality. And again, don't be afraid to go bold if the colors and design will complement the space.

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