Use Lavender Oil Around Your Patio And Watch What Happens

As soon as the weather gets nice, we rush outside to enjoy the sun and the fresh air on the patio or any other outdoor space we have. This relaxation can be quickly interrupted by bugs, however, which is why it's good to know how to keep them away. One easy, natural hack is to place some orange peels around because their limonene content is an effective bug-repellent. Lavender oil is another simple household product that can keep your patio bug-free.

Lavender essential oil can come in handy in different ways around the home. Its amazing scent can freshen up your room, carpet, or laundry, and that same scent is what repels pesky bugs like flies, mosquitoes, and fleas. Insects are sensitive to and wary of certain smells, and the strong fragrance of lavender is unpleasant to them, so they will stay away from an area that is permeated with it.

How to use lavender to repel pests on your patio

The good thing about using a plant like lavender to repel flies from your home is that it is all-natural and safe for living things to be exposed to. This means you, your pets, and your plants alike shouldn't be disturbed by having this in the atmosphere. Make sure you get a 100% pure lavender essential oil for this purpose. A 4 fl oz bottle of the Majestic Pure Lavender oil costs $17 on Amazon.

To create your homemade fly repellent, mix about 30 drops of lavender essential oil with a little over an ounce of water in a spray bottle. If you want, you can add another essential oil like peppermint or eucalyptus because they all have insect-repellent properties. To use, spray this mix around the patio and reapply if any bugs come back. Note that this isn't the only approach that you can take. You can hang up bunches of dried lavender, plant lavender plants, or burn a candle with pure lavender oil around the patio. You can also use it to make a fly strip. Just soak strips of cloth in the lavender oil and tie it around trees or furniture on the patio to release the scent.