Our Paint Color Expert Shares The Best Cabinet Colors To Use With Black Countertops

If you've opted to install kitchen countertops in black, you may be looking at your cabinetry and wondering: what will pop with these? While black is neutral and can go with almost any color, finding the hues that complement your dark finish will ensure that your kitchen goes from impressive to enviable. House Digest chatted with Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, for an exclusive interview to find out what color cabinets go best with black countertops. "Believe it or not, there are several design directions you can go with your cabinets when working with black countertops," Wadden explained.

Your decision will depend on what kind of aesthetic you're going for. Wadden said, "Going with all-white upper and lower cabinets will create a very classic feel in the kitchen, while doing an all-black monochromatic upper and lower look can provide a bit of drama and sophistication." While both of these are timeless choices and will leave your kitchen with an undeniably chic air, they aren't your only options. Wadden added, "Something that is also important to note if using a black stone countertop like granite is the tones in the stone. You may have flecks of gold, burgundy, or green that can be highlighted by matching the cabinets, wall color or hardware to play off those subtle hues."

The finish can be as important as the color

She also recommended playing with exciting colors to really complement the black shades. Incorporating a gold island would lean into a modern Art Deco aesthetic that still provides a classy theme. However, it's not just the color of your cabinets that affects how your kitchen turns out. "Along with looking at the tone of the countertop stone, the finish on the cabinet can have a big impact on the look and feel," Wadden notes. "When trying to achieve a fresh and bright white cabinet look, you may want a higher gloss finish. For something dark and moody, a more matte finish without framing or paneling would complete the look."

Whichever finish or paint you settle on, it's vital to prep your cabinets before setting to work. Wadden gave House Digest an exclusive tip on the best top coat to use to achieve the color you want. "Gallery Series Waterborne Topcoat is a great professional spray-on application that has a quick dry time and excellent hardness." She also recommends Extra White SW 7006 if you're looking to try the white cabinet aesthetic to play against your black countertops, or the Tricorn Black SW 6258 if the all-black idea is playing on your mind. If you want to get a little more adventurous, Wadden says the Kingdom Gold SW 6698, The Loneliest Color would add a big pop of brightness that still enhances the darker surfaces.

Don't forget your fixtures!

The finishing touches on your cabinetry can pull the whole look together, and in House Digest's exclusive interview, Wadden offered several suggestions on how to decorate with the color combinations she proposed. "Green or blue cabinets with black or brass hardware would lend themselves to a more transitional style that can be seen as earthy yet elevated." If you prefer to stick with neutral, white cabinets, Wadden recommends using "black accents and a cool-toned black splash to maintain the brightness of the space." If you are leaning toward a monochromatic aesthetic, Wadden says she would "incorporate gold or brass accents and natural elements like plants and light-toned wood to liven up the space."

Complementing your countertops can be a fun project that elevates your kitchen and creates a space that's not just designed to prep food, but where you want to hang out and spend time. If you're a fan of black surfaces, use these tips from Wadden to ensure the rest of your space has that "wow" factor and reflects an overall aesthetic that you love to see every day.