Why Storing OxiClean In A Spray Bottle Is A Bad Idea

If you're mixing up a solution of OxiClean and water to spray on your stained clothes or try to tackle a stubborn stain on upholstery, you'll want to make sure that you don't leave the spray bottle sitting around afterwards. Not storing this cleaner properly could be one of the biggest mistakes you're making using OxiClean. When OxiClean is mixed with water, it produces oxygen gas. When left in a spray bottle, this gas can begin to build up and could cause your bottle to explode. This is why storing OxiClean solution in a spray bottle or other sealed container is a bad idea. 

Additionally, trying to make your solution ahead of time and store it for the future isn't helpful. While OxiClean can be powerful, it does degrade, and after six hours it no longer works as intended. To keep yourself and your family safe when using OxiClean around the house, only mix as much as you think you'll use at one time and loosen the lid of your spray bottle as soon as you're done spritzing.

Why it's dangerous to store OxiClean in a spray bottle

OxiClean is a helpful product in various situations, but storing it incorrectly poses serious risk of harm. While the oxygen gas produced by a mixture of water and this cleanser isn't harmful itself, putting it in any type of sealed container turns it into a ticking time bomb. If you leave the cleaner in a spray bottle and it bursts, the bottle could hit you or something else in your home; however, the chemicals spraying around the room are the real concern.

According to the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland's (BISM) safety data sheet, the chemicals in OxiClean can irritate your skin and eyes and have the potential to cause serious eye damage. If the cleaner got in your mouth or was accidentally ingested, it could burn your throat, mouth, and stomach, so inhaling a fine spray might harm your respiratory system. Allowing these chemicals to come under extreme pressure and explode all over the place could pose a real threat to you and your household members. This is why it's crucial to wear gloves and goggles when cleaning, make sure the area is well-ventilated, and never leave prepared OxiClean solution in a sealed container.

How to store and use OxiClean solutions properly

OxiClean powder should be kept sealed in its original container and in a spot that's dry and cool. In these conditions, it will never expire. Storing the cleanser in its packaging should help to keep out any moisture, which could affect the OxiClean. Once you combine the water with your OxiClean, it will be viable for six hours. To ensure your OxiClean actually works, you'll want to use up the solution within this timeframe. After you're done cleaning, you can throw away any leftover cleaner or even pour it down the drain, as OxiClean is safe for septic systems.

For those that are quickly mixing up a solution to tackle a small stain, try only using a little but be sure your ratio of cleanser to water is consistent with the instructions. For example, you could add 2 cups of warm water and ⅛ scoop (or a ¼ tablespoon) of OxiClean to a spray bottle. This should be enough to deal with a few stubborn stains, but be sure to loosen the cap to release the gas every so often or leave the top loose. Dispose of any leftover solution as soon as you're done using it.