Clean Pollen & Bugs Off Your Porch Screens With These Smart Hacks

Over time, dead insects, pollen, dirt, and other small debris can get stuck in the screen of your porch. Once they've become grimy enough that you notice it needs some help, you may be wondering how you should be cleaning your window and door screens. With these hacks, you can easily clean the screens that surround or porch or guard your windows. By cleaning from the inside, you can wash the screens and also dry them quickly and easily. For this trick, you'll want a soft-bristled mop or brush, some soapy water, and a leaf blower. This may sound strange, but with this method there's no need to break out your hose, and the leaf blower will be able to push the water and debris outside.

This is a great option for those that have screened in balconies that would be difficult to clean from the outside, or if you want to clean your window screens without removing them. If you don't have a leaf blower readily available, you might try using a hairdryer (though it won't have as much pressure), or even a wet and dry shop vacuum with a blower port.

Cleaning your porch screens the smart way

Rather than struggling with getting water everywhere and then dripping onto your floor or patio as the screens dry, this method isn't as messy. Start by scrubbing your screens with your mop. Dish soap and hot water should be just fine for your cleaning solution, but make sure to be gentle so that you don't push the screen out or damage it. Once the screen is covered with suds, take your leaf blower and start in the top corner of your screen. Blow all the water, soap, pollen, insects, and dirt right off your screen and outside. If you find that it lands all over your porch, simply sweep it away later.

Though this is one of the easiest ways to clean window screens, it will likely take longer if you use a hairdryer rather than a leaf blower or shop vac. You might also start by either dusting with a microfiber cloth or vacuuming the screen to remove as much pollen and as many bugs as possible. With a brush attachment, your vacuum should be able to knock some of that debris loose before you start washing.