Keep Birds Away From Your Tomato Plants This Summer With One Easy Tip

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Growing tomatoes in your backyard can be a joyful experience, but if you find that birds are eating all of your fruit, you're probably worried about protecting your tomato plants. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to get your feathered friends to leave your fruit and veggies alone. With a little reflective tape, you can scare birds away from your tomatoes. These animals are often afraid of shiny or reflective objects, especially if they move. By hanging strips of reflective tape on the trellis of your tomato plant or throughout your foliage, you will prevent birds from munching on your garden fruit. You can find the double-sided reflective bird flash tape on Amazon for $9.

Many types of birds may taste the produce in your garden, but mockingbirds especially have been known to target tomatoes. In some cases, this could happen just because the birds are thirsty. By using humane deterrent methods to scare the birds away or giving them an alternative, you can keep your tomato plants safe.

Consider a bird bath & other hacks

If you think your local birds are going after your tomatoes because they need a drink, providing them with a different water source is a great way to make sure birds won't touch your precious garden. This can easily be accomplished by setting up a bird bath, or even by leaving out dishes of water for your feathered friends. You may choose do to this in conjunction with hanging reflective ribbon. While the tape would move in the wind and reflect light to frighten birds from tomatoes, giving them a place to rest and have some water will also help to encourage them to leave your garden alone.

Alternatively, if you don't want to purchase reflective tape, you might try using some fishing line to hang up old CDs or DVDs. These would also turn in the wind, and their shiny appearance is why they're one of the best methods for keeping birds out of your yard and garden. With these tips, you can keep your tomatoes safe without harming the birds visiting your yard.