The Choices To Make On Your Roof That'll Be Best For Resale Value, According To Our Roof Specialist

When settling on design choices for your home, it is important to take resale value into consideration. Even small choices can make a drastic difference in whether your house is appealing to potential homebuyers, and a roof is one of the many components of a home that can impact resale value. Whether you are remodeling your roof as part of a home renovation project or having it installed on a new home build, there are a few choices you can make to ensure it boosts your home's value. Andre Afsharian, owner of Roof Repair Specialist in Pasadena, spoke exclusively to House Digest about roof installation decisions that can make a difference, including condition, age, energy efficiency, and more.

"Overall, the roof is a key element in the resale value of a home, and investing in its quality and maintenance can pay off in the context of a property sale," Afsharian explained. The expert also revealed, "A well-maintained and high-quality roof protects against the elements, contributes to the home's energy efficiency, and enhances aesthetic appeal — all critical factors that potential homebuyers consider when evaluating a property's worth and anticipating future maintenance costs."

The top five roof building considerations to increase your home's resale value

Afsharian revealed the top five factors you should take into consideration to help improve the value of your house before having your roof built or remodeled. These include roof condition and age, material quality, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and professional installation and maintenance. According to Afsharian, a roof's condition and age are important to potential home buyers because old age and damaged materials often result in costly repairs that the buyer is responsible for.

High-quality materials not only make roofs more aesthetically appealing, but they also extend the life of a roof. "Materials like metal, slate, or high-quality shingles can be more expensive but are often more durable and have a longer lifespan, making them attractive to potential buyers," Afsharian explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest. 

Much like high-quality materials, energy-efficient roof additions can also help home buyers save money via lower energy bills. "Materials like cool roofing options can be a selling point in areas with high temperatures due to their ability to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat," Afsharian shared. It is also important to note that your roof's curb appeal can make a first impression on potential home buyers, so aesthetics are a large factor in how your roof will impact your home's resale value. Finally, professional installation and maintenance may increase value because it gives buyers peace of mind.

Some roof building considerations are more important than others

If you are not able to implement all of Afsharian's recommendations, you might choose to select only a few changes that will still make a significant difference. Luckily, the expert shared which of the previously mentioned roof building considerations are most important. "Ensuring the roof is in good condition is the most necessary aspect," he explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "This means regular inspections and maintenance to fix issues like broken tiles or shingles, leaks, and wear and tear."

Afsharian also revealed which of his recommendations is the most affordable. "Upgrading to moderate-cost, durable materials like architectural shingles can be cost-effective," he shared. "They provide a balance between affordability and the perception of premium quality that can boost home value. The expert went on to explain that the easiest change to make is simply staying on top of roof maintenance and cleaning.

Finally, Afsharian shared a few final recommendations for roof adjustments to help boost your home's resale value. "Adding features like gutter guards can be a small but appealing feature for buyers who are concerned about maintenance," he explained. "Also, documentation of any repairs or warranties can be a bonus to show prospective buyers. Lastly, consider the local climate and market expectations; in some regions, specific types of roofing materials or features like solar panels may be particularly valuable or desirable."