HGTV's Leanne Ford Reveals The Key To Designing A Timeless Backyard

As the weather warms, many people try to figure out ways to spend more time outside. A stunningly designed and comfortable backyard is the perfect way to get out and enjoy some fresh air right outside of your home. HGTV's Leanne Ford recently renovated what she calls her last home to have a backyard that's an entertaining destination and perfect for relaxing. The designer created a timeless space that she'll be able to use season after season. "This house is all about the outside. It's all about the garden, and it's all about the pergola, and it's all about the sunroom," Ford tells Kilz on their blog. "This house is made for sitting outside and looking at this beautiful building." The simple and elegant backyard space features a white pergola and lush greenery with a sitting area underneath. With a natural color scheme backed by crisp white, this backyard design will be timeless and beautiful for years to come.

Pergolas add a gorgeous detail to your home's exterior while also providing shade that makes sitting outside more comfortable. White is a color that will never go out of style, so, of course, painting the pergola white will give your backyard a more timeless look. Leanne Ford's favorite white paints are Crisp Linen, Ultra White, and Cameo White, all by Behr, which are warm, true, and cool whites, respectively. White also provides a good backdrop that makes trailing plants and flowers on a pergola pop, creating a bright and natural space outdoors.

Add character with a trailing garden

The wood pergola painted a crisp white adds a timeless look to Leanne Ford's garden. However, the ivy growing up the sides adds character and whimsey that complements the timeless appeal. "Walking to the backyard with a refreshed stucco archway and the new ivy growing on the pergola make the garden feel like a secret oasis for family and guests to enjoy," Ford tells Kilz. While some plants do experience more love from the trend cycle, a lush garden will never go out of style.

Ivy, in particular, is a plant that will be timeless no matter what the popular plants currently are. However, there are other climbing plants you could grow on a pergola. Moonflowers, jasmine, and climbing roses have white varieties that would match a neutral and calming color palette. Or you can add color with clematis, wisteria, or bougainvillea, which still have a timeless appeal.

It isn't difficult to train a trailing plant to grow on a pergola. Some vines twist around a structure, others "grab" onto the structure with stems, and others secrete their own adhesive. However, you can control the direction of growth on all types of trailing plants by securing the vines to the pergola with garden twine. As the plant grows, you can secure the new growth to the pergola until it eventually reaches the roof. You'll also want to do regular pruning to shape the plant and remove dying vines. In time, you'll have a beautiful and timeless outdoor space.