The Easy Way To Give Your Painted Dresser A Luxurious Pottery Barn Finish

In this crafty day and age, you don't have to stretch your budget for a high-end dresser. You can upgrade furniture you already have to look exactly like your favorite Pottery Barn piece with just a few simple materials. Advanced painting experience is not necessary to give your dresser a stunning DIY faux wood finish that would otherwise cost you a pretty penny. Using a hand-brushing technique to apply decorative glaze on warm neutral paint, you can re-create the textured wood grain aesthetic that makes Pottery Barn dressers so beautiful. 

If you aren't sure you can pull it off, you can always practice beforehand or paint over it if you aren't in love with the results. Best case scenario: Your basic dresser becomes the elegant statement piece that upgrades the entire aesthetic of your space. Plus, with a little extra handiwork, you can create affordable dupes of gorgeous Pottery Barn accessories to style your dresser. Before you give the upscale furniture stores your whole paycheck, give this DIY project a try.

Give your dresser a gorgeous faux wood finish with these simple steps

With this technique, you can revamp your dresser into a statement piece worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog. One of the most important details is the paint color. Choose a warm neutral shade such as Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane in Warm Winter or Quietude by Benjamin Moore. Sick to gel stain or decorative glaze like Rust-Oleum Transformations in Java Brown for the finish. You will also need sanding sheets, a brush, a handheld broom, a staining brush, and elegant hardware.

Once you've prepared your work surface, remove the drawers and handles. Sand and prime the dresser and drawer faces, then apply your paint — FYI, you may need several coats. Now, the fun part begins. Apply your glaze with a staining brush in horizontal sweeps, then go over the same area with your handheld broom to give it that luxe finish. Repeat the steps until you're happy with the look. TikToker @shellydoesdiy suggests practicing this technique on a piece of scrap wood beforehand. When the dresser is dry, consider applying a clear matte top coat. Install your new hardware, and your high-end dresser revamp is complete.

For the final touches, get crafty by transforming a flower vase into a stunning Pottery Barn dupe with baking soda and paint. If you set your mind to it, you can find many low-cost remakes of designer decor online. Why pay full price for luxury when you can recreate it for much less?