How To Add Statement Furniture To Your Home

Statement furniture is a piece that immediately draws the eye when you enter a room, creating a bold focal point. It may seem overwhelming to think about choosing a single piece of furniture that essentially represents the entire design of your space, but think of it as a foundational element around which you decorate. In the story of your home, Hadley Court places statement furniture in the starring role, with everything else as the supporting cast.

As you begin searching for that eye-catching piece of functional art for your statement furniture, be creative in your approach. While finding a generic sofa is easy, think outside the box (store) when shopping for a statement piece — and have fun with it! Estate sales, antique shops, and even yard sales are full of hidden gems just waiting to be rediscovered and given new life as a focal point in your home. You might even get a fabulous deal on a unique piece, and we wouldn't blame you if you brag a little.

Living room

Your living room is full of opportunities for a piece of statement furniture, so what do you want your guests to see when they enter your home's main room? If the seating area is your priority, Decoraid suggests selecting a bold color. For example, a green velvet sofa draws the eye while exuding luxury and comfort. Another way to add a glamorous statement to your living room is with gold or mirrored coffee table in a unique shape. Remember that unique is the keyword. Your sturdy oak coffee table may do the job, but it won't stand out like a work of art.

Statement furniture in the living room is not limited to the seating area. An antique armoire in pristine condition can certainly be an eye-catcher. Depending on your style, an ornate piece with hand-carved designs is sure to be a conversation starter in a traditional home, while a walnut burl armoire is perfect for lovers of mid-century modern design. If you don't have room — or time to hunt — a new cabinet from an import store can have the same impact. Look for pieces with unusual colors and designs.


In your bedroom, it makes sense to make the bed your statement piece, according to E.F. Brannon Chattanooga Furniture Store. It is likely the largest piece of furniture in the space while also serving the room's primary function. When selecting a bed as a statement piece, steer clear of plain styles — the bed is the star, and the bedding and décor are the supporting actors. If you have a large bedroom, look for a bed frame with a tall headboard, side rails, and a footboard. For a smaller room, focus on finding a unique headboard. If boho is your style, there is a natural, airy feel to a space with a rattan bed. Or, if you like transitional pieces, a tall, tufted bedframe is an attractive option that you can find in many colors.

Just because it is called the bedroom does not mean the bed has to be your statement piece. Like in a living room, an armoire, cabinet, or dresser can make a bold statement. Adding a reading nook to your bedroom is another opportunity for statement furniture. A brightly colored, comfy chair or a hanging wicker chair will draw the eye to your cozy nook.


Like the living room, there are many opportunities for different statement pieces in a playroom, depending on how you use the space. In most rooms, designers avoid making the television part of the focal point, but if your kids watch a lot of movies or play video games, work with the primary function of the space to determine your statement piece. Select a pair of large red swivel chairs if you want to deflect attention from the TV itself while still focusing on the area. Or, according to Bassett Furniture Industries, you can select a brightly colored cabinet or funky bookshelves on the TV wall for extra storage and accept that sometimes, it's okay for the TV to be the focus of a room.

If your playroom is more toy-centric, consider creating a play space with colorful beanbags and floor pillows. However you decorate your playroom, just remember to make sure it stays blanket and fort-friendly.


Although most storage in the kitchen is built-in, there is one big opportunity to create a statement piece using the island. Your kitchen island is likely where people congregate at gatherings, or the family spends time together while cooking and eating. This piece of furniture could be considered the heart of your kitchen, so why not make it stand out? Best Online Cabinets suggests selecting unique bar stools or chairs that complement and create contrast with the island to make them the focal point. For example, if your island is all white, select seating with a bold accent color, like emerald blue, that also features the same metallic accents you have on your drawer pulls.

The kitchen island itself is also a perfect statement piece. To make it stand out from the rest of your cabinetry, paint it a different color or replace the surface. In a white farmhouse-style kitchen with granite countertops, consider replacing your island countertop with a butcher block to make it stand out while adding functionality. Another option is to paint the base of the island black for a classic look that attracts attention.


Statement furniture is not just for the indoors. You can take your outdoor design to the next level by adding something bold. If you have a small patio, a statement piece could be as simple as an attractive chair, like a hanging chair swing, or any item with a bright and bold woven pattern, according to Decoist. If your patio is all about lounging and comfort, an oversized swivel chair in weatherproof upholstery is a great way to bring form and function together outside.

For outdoor dinners, select unique dining set as your statement piece. A brightly colored mosaic tabletop is a cheery addition to an outdoor space, or you can add a bit of whimsy to your patio with mismatched chairs in bold colors. Your outdoor area is a great place to use hues you might feel are too overwhelming for your home's interior. Oranges, yellows, reds, or purples — anything goes in the great outdoors. Let nature be your guide.