The Summer Backyard Activity That Could Help Keep Snakes Away

Although many people have pet snakes these days, most homeowners don't like them slithering around the yard unchecked. Not all snakes are dangerous, and some, such as garter snakes and rat snakes, can help keep rodents away from your home. However, venomous snakes can be a concern. In the United States, copperheads and rattlesnakes can be particularly threatening, and it can be scary to find one hiding in your garden. A bite from a copperhead or rattlesnake is very painful and can even be fatal. Summer is an especially active time for snakes, so you may want to take steps to keep them away from your space.

There are a few ways to repel snakes, but one of the simplest is to install a stone fire pit and start using it often. Alternatively, have regular backyard campfires. Because they have a great sense of smell, smoke is an effective snake deterrent and will send them slithering away. However, you should only use this trick during the warmer months of the year. Something you should know about deterring snakes in the winter is that this smoke method might not work very well when it's cold. It could even have the opposite effect since a snake may prefer to get closer to the warmth of a fire rather than avoid the smoke.

How to repel snakes using a fire pit

To get the best results from using a fire pit or campfire to repel snakes, use it regularly. Even better, leave the fire smoking for several days at a time. Allowing it to burn will do a great job of encouraging snakes to leave the area. However, if you choose to do this, keep a close eye on the fire pit. A fire can spread quickly if it's a particularly windy day or if an accident occurs. You may want to avoid this trick if you live in a place where wildfires are common. There may also be strict fire pit regulations to follow in your area.

When installing a fire pit or building a campfire, situate it in a safe place far from trees, shrubs, structures, and anything else that could catch fire. Ensure that it has an adequate barrier so that fire can't escape. An added benefit of using a fire pit to get rid of snakes is that it will give you a chance to burn up any firewood that you have piled up around your home. One of the sneaky reasons snakes won't stay out of your yard is because you have a lot of logs and wood piled up. Snakes are likely to hide in areas where you store firewood, so using them up might be a good idea.