Why Countertop Covers Are A Budget-Friendly Solution To Update Your Countertops

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When was the last time you gave your kitchen countertops an upgrade? If they are outdated because you believe restoring them is out of budget, you might want to consider countertop covers. The many cover options out there are made of a variety of different materials, so you can achieve the look you want without having to completely remodel your kitchen countertops. These alternatives are a budget-friendly solution to update your countertops because they are less expensive than traditional materials and do not require professional installation.

From tile to epoxy refinishing kits, there are choices to fit nearly any aesthetic. You can also opt for something super simple and low-cost, like peel-and-stick material or contact paper. Before you go out and update your kitchen countertops with granite, quartz, or some other pricey material, you may want to consider searching for a countertop cover that provides the same look as the many luxurious types of countertops available for a more affordable price.

Countertop covers offer the same look for less

Let's dive into some of the most popular types of countertop covers. If you love the look of tile countertops but do not want to undergo a complete remodel, you might want to consider simply covering your existing countertop with tile. A fully intact laminate countertop can act as a base to lay tile on top of. Before moving forward with the tile installation, you will need to examine your countertops to ensure they are level and free of any cracks or other damage that would prevent the tile from laying flat.

Contact paper is an even easier alternative that can help you achieve the look of materials like marble and quartz. You will need to take measurements of your countertops to help cut the contact paper to size. It is important to thoroughly clean the surface before applying the contact paper as well. You can find a variety of options to fit your desired aesthetic online or from your local home improvement store. Amazon even sells Cohoo Home Marble Contact Paper for only $7.99. If you want to switch your existing countertop color out with something more bold, you can simply paint over them. Acrylic paint is a good fit for laminate surfaces, and you can also opt for paint formulated specifically for countertops. Either way, you will need to lightly sand down the surface of the material and apply primer before painting it.

You can cover existing countertops with epoxy

Epoxy kits are another popular countertop cover option. These DIY kits include a liquid made of resin and hardener that you pour over your existing countertop material to create a new glossy, smooth surface. They are often used on top of laminate, concrete, ceramic, or wood. These epoxy countertop kits produce gorgeous results when they are done right, but they can be tricky for beginners to master.

If you are not careful, you can end up with air bubbles or other mishaps that are typically not reversible. As a result, you may want to stick with other options if you have never worked with these materials before. However, epoxy kits can be a convenient and much more affordable way to update countertops for those who are confident in completing the tricky DIY project. Home Depot sells a wide variety of options, including the Carrara Marble Gloss Finish Countertop Kit for $237.37. This would be perfect for anyone seeking an affordable marble countertop alternative.