Decoration Inspiration For IKEA's Popular Traffic Mirror

Mirrors are the perfect way to add character to a space. If you understand how to decorate with mirrors, you probably know that they can be used to make a room look larger, brighter, and more chic. The decor staple can be snagged online or at nearly any home goods store. High-end mirrors can get pricey, but there are also tons of affordable options, like the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK. This mirror is different from your typical varieties in that it is a convex mirror, meaning that it bulges outward. If you are searching for decor inspiration for this unconventional piece, you should know that it is the perfect addition to a gallery wall, an entryway, or any small living space. It is priced at only $39.99.

Convex mirrors are typically used to help view hard-to-see areas. As a result, they are often used as a security feature in stores as well as an attachment for the sideview mirrors on vehicles. These mirrors make the perfect home decor pieces because of their large viewing angle, because while a regular mirror typically only reflects whatever is directly in front of it, a convex mirror can be used to capture the reflection of an entire room. It also creates an interesting visual distortion. Let's dive further into how the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK mirror can be used to elevate your living space.

The many ways the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK can transform a room

If you have ever researched how to decorate your walls, you may have come across images of gallery walls decorated with eclectic artwork or unique decor pieces. Adding mirrors to the mix can help you create the perfect gallery wall. The IKEA SVARTBJÖRK's distinct design would allow it to stand out among all of the other pieces you choose to hang beside it. 

Given the fact that the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK is a convex mirror, it is the perfect tool to highlight any statement pieces in a living space. As you can see in the TikTok posted by @ikeautrecht, the mirror hung in the IKEA showroom displays everything around it, including the ceiling, all the surrounding walls, and the floor. Consider placing your favorite statement pieces in front of the mirror so that they are highlighted in the reflection. For example, you might put a unique vase on top of a coffee table in front of the mirror and artwork on the walls where it will be seen in the reflection.

Finally, the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK would be a great way to make a small space look larger. Since this mirror offers a very wide range of vision, it is the perfect decor piece to help accomplish this. Keep in mind that the SVARTBJÖRK's diameter is only 16 and ⅛ inches, so you might want to consider purchasing multiple mirrors to amplify the room enlargement.

More about the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK

There are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding whether the IKEA SVARTBJÖRK is right for you. The mirror includes a black frame and does not come in any other color options. The frame is made of powder-coated stainless steel. Luckily, you can paint over this material. If you are in love with this mirror but do not like the black frame, you may want to consider customizing it with a paint color of your choice to make it fit your space.

The product page for this mirror reveals that you will need one screw to secure it to the wall properly. It also warns that the type of fasteners you will need will depend on the material your walls are made of, so consider confirming this information before making a purchase. Maintenance for this piece is just as simple as with any other mirror, wipe it down with water or window cleaner and a cloth.