Tired Of Killing Your Houseplants? Try This Low-Maintenance Trailing Succulent

If you can't seem to stop killing your indoor plants no matter how hard you try to care for them, this color-changing succulent is a houseplant that even beginners can grow. The string of rubies plant (Othonna capensis), also known as little pickles or ruby necklace, is relatively easy to care for and can grow quickly. This South African native succulent has cylindrical, fleshy leaves that trail out from the plant. In some conditions, these leaves will be a bright green color, but they may also change to a gorgeous ruby red, depending on the conditions of the environment. Additionally, this succulent can produce pretty yellow flowers similar to daisies. 

Because of how the leafy stems hang down from the plant, a string of rubies will look beautiful in hanging baskets, though they can be planted in any pot as long as it has good drainage. For those who have trouble keeping their plants alive, choosing something more manageable, like the string of rubies, will help you learn how to care for succulents inside your house and provide you with houseplant experience.

Growing the low-maintenance string of rubies succulent

Once established, the string of rubies succulent is rather drought-resistant though it may need more water than others. Throughout most of the year, you should only water your string of rubies once the soil has started to dry out. When the plant is actively growing in spring and summer, your succulent may need a bit more to drink and should be watered when the top inch of soil is dry. Your string of rubies can thrive in most soils as long as it can drain properly.

Sunlight is one of the most important factors for keeping this plant healthy. Your string of rubies will do best in a spot that receives six hours of full, direct sunlight, followed by shade in the afternoon. With this amount of sunlight, your string of rubies might change its hue from a gorgeous green to a soft red. Your succulent may not need to be fertilized often, but you could give it a bit of balanced fertilizer in the spring. String of rubies can be planted outside, though this colorful succulent will thrive indoors.