Precautions To Take Before DIYing A Grill Gazebo, According To Our Construction Expert

When the weather warms up, it's time for grilling, gardening, and some good old-fashioned DIY-ing. Our outdoor spaces become sanctuaries, so we're always looking for ways to make them more inviting. As the outdoors becomes an extension of our indoor lives, it makes sense to seek ways to make the backyard more homey. A grill can be a focal point for outdoor activities, inhibited sometimes by inclement weather. Constructing a gazebo is one way to pivot when the sky tries to rain on your party parade. Making your grilling gazebo a reality isn't too difficult. The weekend project can be knocked out in, well, a weekend. 

But still, there are considerations to be made before you jump in. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, our construction expert Matthew DiBara told us all about gazebo-ing the safe way. DiBara, a fourth-generation contractor and co-founder of The Contractor Consultants, suggested making this a friend project to keep things safer for everyone. "Consider enlisting a buddy for assistance, especially when handling heavy materials or using power tools," DiBara said. "Extra hands can be really useful when handling long periods of work; don't forget to take breaks." Work is always more fun when you have someone to do it with. You'll have your own or this TikTok-approved grill gazebo up in no time! 

Get the necessary equipment and permits

Speaking exclusively to House Digest, construction expert Matthew DiBara compared building a gazebo to one's grilling recipe. He said it's important to follow the instructions as written to give you the building you're hoping for and that safety equipment is paramount to a successful construction project. "First and foremost, prioritize safety. Invest in equipping yourself with proper safety gear and familiarize yourself with the tools you'll be using," DiBara said. Anchors are also part of that equation. These are needed to keep your gazebo in its proper place. "The big no: neglecting to anchor that gazebo down," he added. "If it's not properly secured, it's like playing Jenga with your safety. Better to be safe than sorry." Knowing how far your grill should be placed from your home is also crucial. 

Although not equipment-related, part of the safety protocol is knowing where it is (or isn't) safe to dig in your backyard. DiBara advises calling your local utility company to show you where underground lines are before you start your project. He also says to plot out your gazebo build away from all visible utility lines and trees. He added that you will also need to contact your local city or municipality for any necessary permits before you begin. 

Keep an eye on weather patterns

Anytime you do a project outdoors, you are at the mercy of nature. Whether it starts downpouring in the morning or it becomes mercilessly hot in the afternoon, your personal safety matters when doing any project — particularly outside. Speaking exclusively to House Digest, our construction expert Matthew DiBara said to take the weather seriously. "Weather can be a factor, so keep an eye on forecasts and avoid working in extreme or dangerous conditions that can affect the process of your construction," he said. Beyond just the time you spend building, the weather will always be a factor for your outdoor spaces. That's why you need to ensure the materials you're using are graded for outdoor use, according to DiBara. 

Another way you can protect your creation from distress is to build it on flat, stable ground. But even the most perfectly built gazebo is not immune to the tests of time or nature, so it is necessary to check it over occasionally — a habit for your grill, too, so you know when it's time to replace your grill. "Once your gazebo is built, periodically inspect it for wear or damage to ensure its structural integrity over time," DiBara advised. "This can prevent a future accident. By adhering to these precautions and obtaining any necessary permits, you can embark on your gazebo-building journey with confidence." With the right preparations, equipment, and patience, you'll be gazebo grilling for years!