Hidden Issues To Consider Before Storing Extra Toilet Paper In Your Bathroom

Some things just make sense, like keeping your cleaning supplies in or near an area that requires regular upkeep, or placing your spare toilet paper in your bathroom, right? Surprisingly, that second option may not be correct, as storing your excess toilet paper in the washroom could subject it to germs and moisture, as well as taking up more space than necessary. While having a spare roll or two nearby is normal, keeping your replacement rolls elsewhere might be better. Your washroom is consistently experiencing germs and bacteria, so you clean it regularly. However, the fibers on your TP might hold onto these particles, building up unwanted detritus.

Not only that, but storing toilet paper in a small bathroom can be tricky and detrimental. Toilet paper rolls are fairly big and can take up a lot of storage. If you keep items under the sink or in baskets and trays around the room, adding more than one or two spare rolls could make the space look cluttered. The average size of a fresh spool is around 4 inches in diameter and about 4.5 inches wide. One of these doesn't seem imposing, but an entire pack will certainly fill up your cabinets or other storage areas in the washroom.

Keep excess in a linen closet or laundry room

If your toilet paper resides anywhere near your toilet, keep in mind that every time you flush, enteric bacteria are released and can find purchase on anything from the sink to your extra toilet paper rolls. Just as the fibers were created to clean up the mess, they can also hold particles that have been ejected into the air. Why start a fresh roll of toilet paper with a dirty past?

Rather than keeping extras in the bathroom, create space in your laundry room or a linen closet. These areas will protect the toilet roll from excess moisture (which can create mildew on the paper) and keep it out of the way so you can use your bath cabinets for other items. Hide your TP inside a spare hamper in your laundry room so no one knows it's there (except the people you tell). If you have the space, stow toilet paper in a plastic bin or tub that has a lid and latches shut to keep it fresh and protected from bacteria. Low on space? Try a clever TikTok toilet paper storage hack that requires only some sturdy string! Considering it comes into contact with such intimate areas, the cleaner it is when you use it, the better.