Easily Clean Hard-To-Reach Outdoor Light Fixtures With This Clever Trick

You spend all week cleaning your home's interior, but how often do you focus on its exterior — namely, any outdoor light fixtures? Over time, bugs, dirt, and debris accumulate on these lights, detracting from their appeal and slowly eroding their exterior. But the best way to clean light fixtures outdoors is with some items you may already have in your home — foam paint brushes, paper towels, and the cleaner of your choice. You can use whatever cleaning ingredient staples you keep around the house so long as it's safe for the surface material you're cleaning. 

When dirt builds up on these appliances it can lead to rust, since dirt retains moisture.  The results are outdoor lights that look old and worn out. But cleaning them works to keep this part of your home's exterior looking its best all year long. Unfortunately, dirty light fixtures are more than visually unappealing. Debris reduces how much light your fixtures cast, reducing visibility at night and potentially causing safety issues. But a couple of foam paint brushes can easily clean these appliances when you add this trick to your regular outdoor maintenance routine.

Use foam paint brushes to clean exterior light fixtures

To clean exterior light fixtures, begin by turning the power off to these appliances and removing the lightbulbs. This works to prevent electric shock since you'll be working with liquids (via Destination Lighting). You can put your light bulbs on a towel or other soft surface to prevent them from breaking. Next, grab your glass cleaner and spray your light fixture's glass panes. Using the foam paint brushes, give the appliances a good cleaning, scrubbing away any caked-on dirt that's been detracting from their appeal. These brushes are also ideal for reaching into tight corners and small crevices.

If you don't have any foam paint brushes, you can purchase an 8-pack at the Dollar Tree for $1.25. These brushes are affordable so they're perfect for single-use projects if you find that they're not reusable after you clean your exterior appliances with them. You can use your paper towels to wipe away debris as you clean but rinse your foam brushes periodically to prevent them from moving dirt around your light fixture's glass, scratching it in the process. It's always a good idea to use natural cleaners if possible. We know that vinegar is a great option for cleaning glass windows, so why not try it on glass light fixtures? Vinegar and lemon are two great natural cleaners that slough away caked-on grime. Just don't use anything abrasive and steer clear of harsh chemicals because they can damage your light fixture's finish.