The Hidden Downsides To Glass Patio Furniture

You might be tempted to select glass patio furniture due to its simple but stylish look. It's easy upkeep is also a plus. Unlike with other materials, glass can be maintained with versatile cleaning tools like vinegar, which you may already have at home. But even with all of the benefits of glass patio furniture, you still need to be aware of the downsides before making a purchase. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the material is prone to shattering, is easily damaged by extreme weather, and can even cause a fire on your patio or in your yard.

Replacing glass patio furniture can be costly too. Plus, you probably do not want to face the hassle of disposing of newly purchased glass pieces that shattered due to damage, or the frustrating cleanup process that comes with it. You should consider taking precautions to offset some of the downsides of glass patio furniture. This way, you can enjoy the look of these pieces with less stress. If you feel that glass patio furniture is the perfect choice for your outdoor space, know that you can still make it work.

Glass patio furniture can shatter or cause a fire

The issues with glass patio furniture mainly revolve around glass being fragile and prone to damage, but did you know that it can also start a fire? You might not have considered glass patio furniture to be a fire hazard, but this is a genuine concern when it comes to these furnishings. During the hot summer months, the shiny glass can reflect heat onto flammable materials or liquid you might have in your patio area. Believe it or not, this can actually ignite a fire. This is certainly something to consider before purchasing glass patio furniture.

One of the less surprising downsides of this furniture is that the glass can shatter. You need to be extra careful to avoid slamming heavy or sharp objects down, but unfortunately, glass patio furniture can even shatter spontaneously. Although these incidents might seem random, there is typically a reason why. Extreme temperature changes, damage, and defects can cause glass to shatter unexpectedly. Finally, weather can also damage glass patio furniture. Purchasing pieces without considering local weather conditions is a mistake many people make when buying outdoor furniture. If you live somewhere with frequent hail storms, for example, you might want to explore other outdoor furniture options.

Take these steps to protect your glass patio furniture

There are precautions you can take to use glass patio furniture without having to worry about these risks. To reduce the chances of your furnishings causing a fire, consider positioning it in a shaded area where is not likely to reflect sunlight. If you do not have a shaded area in your outdoor space, you can cover the glass with covers, or even use a blanket or sheet of fabric to keep sunlight off of it. Make sure to position any mirrors away from the glass as well.

When seated at glass tables, use either coasters and placemats or plastic dishes, which are less likely to break the material when placed down. You can even reduce the risk of those unsettling spontaneous glass-shattering incidents by making sure you purchase a set made out of safety glass. Check the manufacturer information to ensure that the furniture was crafted for outdoor use as well. These pieces are more likely to withstand the elements and the wear and tear that they will undergo outside.