How To Repurpose A Log Holder Into Stylish Living Room Storage

There are all kinds of ways to end up with a lone log holder without a purpose. You might've moved from a home with a fireplace to a new one without or discovered a new chic log holder while shopping. If you thought there might be a secondary use for your old log holder, you assumed correctly — while it may be labeled as a place for holding firewood, these baskets, holders, and metal containers can do much more. 

Whether you take a page out of an interior stylist's book and use a log holder as a throw blanket holder or choose to store books, pillows, or magazines in it, there are plenty of options for turning this specific-use house feature into a multipurpose one. So don't resign it to a forgotten corner in your basement just yet — the following creative options will extend the life of your log holder.

Repurpose a log holder as a blanket organizer

Interior stylist Rashmi Patel finessed her log holder into a place that holds something just as cozy as a roaring fire. Instead of stacking logs in her wicker container, she folded up and rolled throw blankets and neatly piled them up. According to her caption, a holder of this size can contain around three thick blankets or five thinner throws. It depends on your style of log holder and blankets, but even a flatter metal crate should be able to hold several blankets if they're folded into squares.

This idea makes a great choice for smaller spaces that may not have room to store blankets elsewhere or for dwellers who have a collection that spans more than just one or two throws. This simple blanket storage DIY prevents throws from ending up crumpled on the couch or the floor. It also offers more protection from dust, grime, and crumbs. And because log holders have handles, it's easier to transport blankets to any part of your living room, transport them to the laundry room, or move them around while you're cleaning.

Use a log basket to hold magazines, books, or throw pillows

If you already have a slick organizational unit or convenient storage space for your throw blankets, there are other ways in which you can repurpose a log holder. While you may not have an abundance of throw blankets, maybe you're an accent pillow enthusiast. If you own a bunch of cushions and want to keep them off the floor, a log holder is the perfect place to store them when they're off duty. Square pillows can be slotted upright, or you can stack bolster-style pillows like firewood because their shape is similar. 

You could also consider using log holders to store books or magazines. Glossy covers tend to slide around, but a log holder can keep them all in one place. The same goes for books. If your shelves are overflowing with the novels you've already devoured, you can track which books you haven't cracked open yet by keeping your read-next pile close by. Curating this little area is a fantastic way to create a reading nook when space is limited. Think outside the box, and you'll be able to come up with your own ideas, too. A log holder could be a cradle for storing slippers by your front door or a spot for soggy umbrellas. The opportunities are endless.