Furify: Clean, Sustainable, & Fur-Repellent Bedding For Pet Lovers

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I like to refer to our dogs as "free-range" since they sleep with us and do not need crates when we are away. The cats are, as cats will always be, naturally free-range – they always sleep wherever they want. We have two dogs, Ranger and Scarlett. Ranger is half-mountain cur and half mini-Aussie, so he has stiff hound fur. Scarlett is a beautiful blend of a little bit of everything with a big, fluffy, happy tail. They shed so much; especially Scarlett, who has a fuzzy shepherd-like undercoat. We also have two cats, Lady and River, who spend luxurious lives sleeping on the bed while we work to buy them more treats. 

Our free-range dogs sleep with us. All our pets have the freedom to sleep wherever they choose, but I'm always happy that they want to be with us at night. Research shows those of us who allow our furry best friends to share our bed benefit from better mental health, a heightened sense of security, and even improved physical health.

To make the most of co-sleeping with pets, though, you'll need the right bedding. And with all that said, it's like our home was made for Furify. Offering a line of bedding and loungewear products made of 100% natural bamboo, Furify's offerings boast anti-snag and anti-fur qualities, among other pet-friendly features. It's exactly what pet lovers have craved for decades (if not longer), and here's why.

Here are the antibacterial benefits of Furify's bamboo offerings

Furify bedding is made from 100% natural bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties. How cool is that? There are no extra chemicals or sealants necessary to discourage the growth of bacteria in these sheets, which is important because just like all living creatures, pets can spread bacteria. If you have a dog that likes to roll in yucky things (I'm not making accusations, but in my house, the one who does this has a name that starts with "S" and ends with "-arlett"), then this added feature can help keep you healthy.

Of course, you can't let the bamboo sheets do all the work in preventing bacteria; it's also necessary to wash your bedding on a set schedule, especially if your pets enjoy lounging around in your luxurious bedding as much as you do. Doctors recommend completing this chore at least once a week to remove skin cells, dust mites, and bacteria. That said, to maximize the hygiene and cleanliness of your sheets between washings, Furify's products are tough to beat.

Can Furify products really be fur-repellant?

For those of us who share our bed with pets, fur-repellent features are a game-changer. With a total of four animals who sleep in the bed day and night, it's hard to keep up with pet hair removal, even when we wash the sheets once a week. We would have to wash regular cotton or polyester bedding daily to keep up with Scarlett's hair alone, although she would say that's just proof of loving cuddles. I guess that's true, too, but we don't need that much proof.

Part of what makes Furify so perfect for pet owners is how easily fur slides off the 300-thread count natural bamboo fabric. Bamboo is also naturally anti-static, so there's nothing to hold onto all that extra hair. Not only is the fabric itself ideal for co-sleeping with pets, but the colors of these products are selected specifically to offer a calming effect for humans by replicating those found in nature, like blue, green, violet, pink, and white. Imagine the stress melting away as you slip into a clean, calming bed with your favorite furry friend.

Furify products are free of harmful properties

This is certainly a feature of bedding that benefits humans and pets. All Furify products are manufactured in a factory that has the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. On the surface, that may not seem important, but it is truly exceptional, especially at this level of affordability. Products manufactured with this certification are free of over 1,000 harmful substances, including formaldehyde, heavy metals, harmful dyes, and so much more. 

No pesticides are used in Furify's products, including everything from thread to buttons to fabric. So, not only will the sheets stay clean, but they're also made with clean materials. 

This certification is not limited to the US, but it must adhere to international standards, which are tested each year. This ensures quality is never sacrificed and standards are upheld. That means in addition to Furify's products being comfortable and relaxing, there are no harmful chemicals to be found. If that doesn't help you sleep better at night, I'm not sure what would. Well, there might be a few more things...

Other benefits of Furify bedding

As a natural fiber, bamboo's temperature-regulating qualities can help keep you warm and cozy on cold nights and wonderfully cool in the summer months –- perfect for those of us whose pets like to sleep close! My kitty, River, for example, likes to sleep on me as I sleep, passing on a lot of body heat confined in a tiny body. On thundery nights, Scarlett gets as close as possible, so bedding that helps wick away heat and moisture instead of absorbing them is the difference between sleeping well and sweating all night.  

And we haven't even discussed the aesthetic value in detail yet. How did I even get this far without mentioning how genuinely pretty Furify's bedding set is? Since it only comes in calming hues, the color alone adds an element of relaxation, but the aesthetic of the Fur Repellent Bamboo Sheet & Duvet Set, which includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one duvet cover, two pillowcases, and two pillow shams can quickly transform a room from furry to fabulous. Natural bamboo is exceptionally soft and strong, with a satin-like feel to make everyone more comfortable.

Furify supports shelters (and there's a discount for you!)

It's abundantly clear that Furify offers products that are made by pet lovers, for pet lovers. There are plenty of reasons to try Furify's bedding set for you and your furry friends, but aside from being better for the environment and free of harmful properties, they also support shelters throughout the US. Through its Furify Give Back Program, 10% of all proceeds go to animal shelters in our own regions. Both of our cats came from local shelters, so this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, in our many years of marriage, my husband and I have adopted many shelter pets, and I know they can use all the support they can get to make sure animals go to loving homes where they may get to spend their days and nights on comfy beds.

As if these features and benefits aren't enough, Furify is offering a discount code for House Digest readers. Use the code HOUSEDIGEST to get 20% off your order, which you can use to further spoil those precious pooches and funny felines.