The IKEA KALLAX Hack You'll Love For Stylish Light-Up Shoe Storage

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If you're a shoe lover, put your footwear on full display with an easy IKEA hack. Using a super simple TikTok trick, you can transform a KALLAX cabinet into the lit-up shoe storage of your dreams. All it takes is sticking some lights in the unit, and you've got a very high-end-looking piece. 

This probably goes without saying, but the first thing you'll need for this hack is a KALLAX unit. Base your choice on the size on your shoes — if you've amassed an impressive collection, you could go for something as big as the 57 7/8 x 57 5/8 inch model, which retails for around $140 on IKEA's website. Only want to show off a small selection? The 30 1/8 x 30 1/8 will do just fine, and at $45, it's a steal. Alternatively, if you have a KALLAX in any size you've been wanting to repurpose, now's your chance to create some seriously affordable shoe storage

As for the star component of this DIY, you'll need some LED push lights, which retail at around $18 for a pack of six on Amazon. These won't require any unsightly cables that steal any of your shoes' shine: all you have to do is use the double-sided tape that comes with the product, and you're good to go. Plus, they can be set to different colors, meaning your shoe storage is completely customizable. 

Play around with different kinds of lights

Putting this hack into practice is as simple as it sounds. Put the KALLAX wherever you're planning on having it, then use the tape provided to stick your push lights to the top and center of each box. Switch them on, and you're left with a very professional-looking display. 

If you're up for more of a challenge and would prefer something that highlights the full perimeter of each box, order some LED tape off Amazon for around $45. From there, secure the tape to the back of the KALLAX, so it's facing the wall. Push the unit back into place, switch the lights on, and each pair will be perfectly framed. Granted, this will backlight the shoes more than the push lights directly above them would, so if you really want your shoes to be emphasized, that's something to keep in mind. 

Whichever lighting you opt for, this is an incredibly easy hack to try. Best of all, if, at some point you decide you'd rather not have your shoes lit up or would prefer to repurpose your KALLAX for another DIY project, all you'll need to do is pull off the tape or lights.