Keep The Shower Curtain From Blowing In With This Handy Hack

Showering is an important part of a daily routine, so fighting with your shower curtain in the morning can be frustrating, especially if you have a busy day ahead of you. If your shower curtain is constantly blowing in while you're in the shower, you don't have to just live with it. With a little bit of ingenuity, fixing it is a simple and easy task. Chances are that you've already gotten your hands on a few suction cups when picking out shower caddies and storage, but you can use them to ease your shower curtain woes as well. All you need to do is place suction cups and binder clips inside your shower to hold the curtain in position.

To use this hack, get your hands on a couple of suction cups and get to work. Add a single suction cup to the shower opening on each side of the shower curtain. Then, attach a binder clip to the curtain on each side as well. Finally, pull the binder clip towards the suction cup and use the binder clip loop to attach it to the center of the suction cup. This will help secure your curtain and give you a lot more peace and tranquility when showering.

Other ways to prevent shower curtain blow-in

If you don't have suction cups and binder clips, you can also hold your shower curtain in place with the help of magnets. If they're not already built-in to your shower curtain, you can place magnets on the curtain and allow it to press securely against your shower walls. However, remember that this only works on showers that are metallic and won't work with showers made of other materials such as plastic. Aside from securing your shower curtain with suction cups, binder clips, and magnets, there are other ways to prevent your shower from blowing in. 

When picking a shower curtain, carefully consider its weight. If your shower curtain is very lightweight, it's more likely to blow in, so you may want to purchase a weighted shower curtain instead. You can also attach some extra weight to the bottom of your shower curtains using clips to make the curtain harder to move. Besides changing the curtain itself, you may also want to switch the liner you're using, as this can also affect how well it stays put. Finally, determine if a shower door or curtain is best for your space. Not only can a glass door make your glass door look more open and inviting, but it won't blow in on you like a shower curtain. Glass doors might create a more elegant appearance in a bathroom and may not grow mold and bacteria as easily as curtains.