This Easy DIY Door Design Adds The Perfect Finishing Touch To Any Room In The House

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Are you one for bold décor and stylish pops of color? Painting interior doors is a great way to incorporate your love for these trends, but there's another way to flaunt your flair for fashion, and it's as easy as peeling and sticking wallpaper. That's right you can decorate your doors with fun wallpaper options to add a little wow factor to your home.

Plus, you don't have to be a pro to nail this trend: all you need is a keen eye for prints or patterns that will complement your existing décor and a little time to stick on your new design. Online shops like Amazon even make these stickers specifically for your doors, so you just have to find the one you like! If you don't happen to see a pre-cut door design you prefer online, you can always purchase the wallpaper of your choosing and trim it yourself. Should you happen to have leftovers from decorating another room in your home, recycle a piece if there's enough to do this easy DIY door hack elsewhere in your home.

How to create customized doors with wallpaper

To stick your wallpaper on properly, measure out your door and the amount of paper you'll need, as you may require several pieces depending on the width of your door. Stick-on wallpaper is best, as it's easier to apply and remove. To make it easier, you may need to detach your door handle so the paper can fit seamlessly, but make sure to note where the handle is located so you can cut out the area with a precision knife when it's time to reattach. If your door features panels, you can cut the paper into smaller squares or shapes to fit into the depressions.

Start by wiping down your door completely with a clean microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust. Bring a bowl with fresh water mixed with gentle dish soap and clean the entire surface to get any stains, sticky areas, or other detritus left after dusting. You can also use vinegar to remove stuck-on particles.

Make sure to dry the door thoroughly. Use a thick bath or pool towel to ensure all the moisture from cleaning is absorbed, or else the sticker won't adhere as well. Allow your surface to dry, then begin slowly sticking the wallpaper on. You can go from the bottom up or in reverse, just make sure it's lined up properly so none of your door's undercolor shows through gaps. Use a squeegee cleaning tool to install your wallpaper to gently push out bubbles and bumps for easier application.

Use your wallpaper to introduce color or patterns

Wallpapered doors create a customized experience in every room, and even Nate Berkus says some of his favorite places in the home to wallpaper are those you wouldn't usually think of. By limiting your stick-on to such a small space, you can go as big or bold as you want without overpowering a room or space. If you've always been tempted to try large blooms or bright, eclectic patterns, adding these to one or both sides of a bedroom or bathroom door allows you to enjoy the print without feeling worried it's "too much."

Using wallpaper as a connector can also help your interior hues flow: bringing different color walls to a balanced level by incorporating multiple colors featured in connecting areas into your door paper. Say your walls are neutral but a bedroom has jewel tones, you should find a wallpaper that contains a little of both to combine them.

You can even try this trick to disguise a pantry or storage closet without getting rid of them completely. Plus, if you decide down the line you don't like your wallpapered door, you can use a heat gun to easily remove the stick and peel. Another alternative to traditional wallpaper is mural stickers, which you can search for on Amazon and order the size that will fit your door. You might still need to trim the edges to ensure there's no overhang, but you can do this once the wrap is completely applied.