Fill Your Hanging Baskets With Silver Falls Plant For Drought-Tolerant Greenery

When the warm weather rolls in and days get long, you should absolutely revel in it. Surround yourself with as much plant life as you can. Trailing vines, fragrant blooms, and clusters of tiny blossoms overflowing from hanging baskets are like season-long party decorations for your outdoor space. With summer's heat also comes scores of fun activities that sometimes turn watering hanging baskets into a low priority. Drought-resistant plants are perfect for hanging baskets, and silver falls plants (Dichondra argentea) are a new trend that's popping up on gardeners' radar.

A silver falls plant is a way to have it all. Enjoy lush greenery without the worry and hassle with this dramatic-looking, low-maintenance plant. You can virtually ignore it during the dog days. This native of the American southwest and northern Central America seems to be made for basket living; it survives long periods without water and cascades to lengths of up to 6 feet in one season. The icing on the cake is that it's not associated with any known pests or diseases.

Why silver falls is great for baskets

At the peak of summer, watering your hanging baskets on a daily basis is pretty standard. If you live in an area where water is scarce, this is certainly a concern. With the right plantings, you can take off for a long weekend without asking the neighbors for a hand watering while you're gone. Self-watering hanging baskets can cut back on your water bill for the summer, while drought tolerant plants like silver falls offer a low-impact way to enjoy some greenery. Not only can this sturdy plant withstand periods without water, a silver falls can bounce back beautifully with a thorough drink if it wilts.

Its metallic, shimmering leaves make it a lovely plant to grow on its own. With or without companion plants, silver falls in a hanging basket can create a feeling of privacy on a porch or patio with its lush curtain. Dichondra argentea's color and impressive vines complement companion flowers well. Its color pairs with pink, purple, and blue blossoms as well as other foliage. Its maximum height is 4 inches, which allows taller companion plants to stand out. Silver falls look stunning next to spiky angelonia and more compact begonias , which gives your baskets lots of dimension and contrast.

How to grow silver falls plants

With some warm weather, full or partial sun, and even high humidity, an eye-catching silver falls plant can add interest to your hanging baskets this season without cutting into the summer festivities. Purchase silver falls plants from local garden centers or online or grow them from seed without much difficulty. There are benefits to starting seeds indoors rather than buying plants, and the biggest advantage is savings. Start silver falls seeds about 12 weeks before your last frost. Keep the soil warm and damp at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and the seeds should germinate in a week or two.

One or two silver falls plants per basket should be plenty, no matter the size of the container, since it has a tendency to spread.  Once you've hung your Dichondra argentea outdoors, it will perform best in dry to slightly moist soil.  Although full sun is best, silver falls will also thrive in partial shade.