Why Snake Plants Flower Less Than You Probably Think

If you purchased a snake plant in hopes of seeing its gorgeous and fragrant blooms, you may be disappointed. While snake plants are often said to produce flowers once every year during their period of active growth in the spring, this is typically only true when they're in their natural environment. Generally, indoor snake plants only bloom when they are stressed and more mature, meaning that you'd have to neglect your plant to an extent to see its lily-like flowers.

As houseplants, it's rare for a snake plant to bloom, and it could be many years before you see this low-maintenance plant producing flowers. In some cases, snake plants that are indoors may not flower for a decade. If your snake plant does flower, make sure to appreciate it while it lasts, as it may not happen again. Snake plants (sansevieria), also known as mother-in-law's tongue, are some of the easiest houseplants that anyone can keep alive, but if you're hoping for gorgeous flowers, you might want to consider another type of plant.

Why snake plants flower less than you think

You may have been under the impression that you would see your snake plant blossom at least every once in a while, but typically this will only happen once the plant has become extremely root bound. When caring for your snake plant, keeping it as healthy as possible won't help it grow flowers, but rather hinder it. Once snake plants have been left in the same pot for a very long time and have had years to mature, their roots will become terribly intertwined and may contort to the shape of the pot. In these conditions, they may begin to produce their pretty, white flowers.

These plants must endure constant stress in order to produce flowers, which may be frustrating for those who want a consistently blooming houseplant. Rather than choosing a houseplant that you may never see blossom, try opting for a plant that flowers more often and without having to be stressed.

Blooming houseplants as alternatives for snake plants

Rather than waiting and searching forĀ tips will get your snake plant to show off its impressive blooms, you might want to invest in other houseplants that are also easy to take care of but are more likely to produce flowers often. For example, peace lilies (spathiphyllum) are known to be easy houseplants that will grow elegant, white flowers fairly consistently. If you choose a peace lily for a houseplant, be aware that it is toxic to pets and people, so it might not be the best choice for those with children or curious cats or dogs.

Another great option is the African violet (saintpaulia ionantha), which will bloom multiple times every year without fail as long as it has what it needs. The flowers of the African violet range from purple to pink to blue to white, with various hues. These houseplants love lots of light and well-draining soil. While snake plants can be a beautiful addition to your home, you'll be able to enjoy the flowers of peace lilies and African violets on a regular basis.