This Trash Can Hack Makes Moving Two Bins At Once A Snap

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If taking the garbage to the road feels like your hardest chore, it might be because you have multiple, overflowing trash cans to bring down at once. This means numerous trips to the street — something that can quickly become problematic during inclement weather, especially when it's icy out. And if your driveway is on a hill or especially long, then this entire exercise probably feels quite frustrating. Luckily, TikTok has a technique that helps when you're dreading chores such as taking down the trash: Take the lid from your first garbage can and place it inside the lid of your second. Then, clamp the first trash can's lid in place with the second. Naturally, this trick only works with garbage cans on wheels with attached lids.

These trash cans are commonly called Toter bins, named after the manufacturer. Additionally, townships commonly provide these bins for residential use, as they're often used for recyclable waste in particular and, at 90 gallons, are substantial in size too. If you don't have one of these trash (or recycling) cans but would like to purchase one for ease of convenience, you can currently buy them at Walmart for $83. Just keep in mind that they tend to be considerably more expensive the larger they get. If you opt to purchase new trash cans, don't throw the old ones out just yet, as there are plenty of ways to repurpose old trash cans inside and outside the home. Otherwise, prepare to get twinning and cut your effort in half. 

How to turn two trash cans into one so they're easier to carry

According to TikToker @that40yearguy, this hack couldn't be easier. Simply line your two bins up, one in front of the other, ensuring that they're facing the same way. Next, all you have to do is close the lid of one trash can inside the other bin. Since they're on wheels, you should be able to easily tilt the can with the clamped lid backward. This forces the other trash can to tilt backward as well, suspended in place and attached to the first can. From there you can carefully maneuver both trash cans onto the street in time for garbage day. If you use these types of bins for recycling too, be sure to repeat this trick. 

If your driveway is particularly sloped or if you have a lot of bumpy gravel, you can always further secure your bins together first. For example, you can use a bungee cord, wrapping it around both trash cans so that they stay connected in transit. If you don't own any cords, you can purchase a two-pack of adjustable bungee cords on Amazon for $16. Just wrap them around your two Toter bins tightly to prevent them from detaching while on rocky surfaces and you might just look forward to your next local curbside pickup day