Use This Dollar Tree Item To Machine Wash & Dry Your Shoes Quietly

It doesn't matter if your shoes are cotton or polyester — the material is usually safe in a washing machine. On the other hand, your washing machine can sustain damage if these items are washed incorrectly. The same holds true for your dryer. But an inexpensive fix can help you wash and dry your shoes without harming your appliances or your footwear. According to TikTok user @mia_anastasia14, you just need a Dollar Tree mesh laundry bag. Insert your shoes and throw everything in your washer or dryer. Just be sure the bag is secured in place using the washer lid or dryer door, as this prevents your shoes from banging around your appliances and possibly causing damage. 

If you don't have a mesh garment bag on hand, you can swap one out for an old pillowcase. Both serve the same purpose here and can help you in a pinch. When shoes slam around a washer or dryer drum, they can easily become misshapen. They can also shrink due to the high heat. This is why you want to remove shoes from the dryer when they're still a little damp, letting the air complete the drying process. 

Grab a Dollar Tree mesh laundry bag

In a helpful TikTok video shared by @mia_anastasia14, the creator explains that all you need to do is purchase the mesh laundry bag of your choice, add your clean shoes, and put everything in your dryer. But the trick is to close your dryer door on your mesh bag, preventing it from moving around. If you have a bag with a drawstring, leave this part out of the dryer. If you purchase a mesh bag with a zipper, fold a piece of its fabric over the top of your dryer door, closing it in place. This trick also works when washing your shoes, following the same concept. 

You can purchase mesh laundry bags at Dollar Tree with a zipper or a drawstring. Dollar Tree drawstring bags retail for $1.25 each and are 24x36 inches. This gives you plenty of slack to keep material outside of your appliance. Zipper mesh bags are available at Dollar Tree as well. A three-pack sells for $1.25 and can help you correctly dry sneakers in the dryer.

You should also consider the best DIY sneaker and shoe-cleaning ingredients to use for this trick, as one shoe sole typically contains hundreds of thousands of units of bacteria. You don't want germs transferring to your dryer, so ensure the shoes get thoroughly cleaned in your washing machine. Vinegar is the laundry hack ingredient you need for this trick, as it removes stains and kills harmful germs and bacteria.