Black Kitchen Countertop Options To Make Your Design Pop

After years of all-white kitchens, homeowners are saying goodbye to white and hello to dark colors. In fact, having a white kitchen might decrease the value of your house, so if you are looking to change things up, you may want to consider a color like black for countertops. While they already had their day, black kitchen countertops are making a comeback in our homes. Incorporating black countertops can give our kitchen an instant facelift, and with so many options, like veined quartz, jet black, or polished granite, finding the right countertop for your kitchen is easier than you think.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, there are many different types of countertops you should know, which include everything from granite to soapstone. But the material you choose isn't just about durability. It's also about the look. When it comes to black, there are options for every style, whether you are hoping for a bold, moody space or something bright and classy. Here are some black countertop options that will make your kitchen design pop.

Look for slabs with veining

Veining is a great way to add character to any type of countertop, but especially in the black variety. When it comes to stone like marble and granite, the veining comes naturally as a result of hardened materials inside the layers of the stone. The specific vein design will come from the way the slab is cut, so veins will be unique to every slab, offering you a countertop that is unlike any other. With black countertops, white veins are the most popular, but you can find stones with different vein colors, like pink in the Porta Rosa Granite from or gold in the Dekton Laurent countertop from Lowes.

Beyond giving personality to a space, veins can give a dark countertop some much-needed dimension, drawing the eye in while also leaving space for the rest of the kitchen to shine. To enhance your black veined countertops, consider using the vein color in other areas of your kitchen, like opting for white cabinets to match white veins or using gold hardware to match gold veins.

Opt for a black marble

When it comes to black countertops, marble may be the most popular option for stone. Not only is it gorgeous, but marble is durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for your kitchen. There are many different options when it comes to marble — you can keep things dark and moody with subtle marbling, like the Black Marquina Marble from, or you can keep things a bit more interesting by choosing a marble with thicker, more whimsical veining like the Fantasy Black Marble slab from MSI Surfaces.

The biggest thing to consider if you go the whimsical route is the rest of your kitchen. A loud countertop like veined marble is gorgeous, but it can also read as a bit chaotic if not designed correctly. Consider pairing a more dramatic marble with natural tones elsewhere, like wood. If your marble slab is subtle, you can create some boldness by opting for polished finishes in gold or silver.

Go full black with solid quartz

While there are many variations on black countertops, sometimes the best option is simply going full black and letting the color speak for itself in terms of boldness and beauty. If going this route, quartz is going to be your best option as it is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Consider the jet black quartz from Home Depot or the pure black quartz slab from Verona Quartz Surfaces. Both options are dark and bold and have a very subtle pattern.

Opting for full black will leave the rest of your kitchen design open for more creativity. If you go this route, consider finding personality elsewhere in the kitchen by choosing a bold color, like green or blue, for your cabinets and incorporating a mixture of metals for your hardware. To add a bit of warmth to the space, consider using wood accents or lighting fixtures, or keep things uber-modern by painting the rest of the kitchen white and letting the black countertops be the true star.

Embrace space with cosmic countertops

We all admire space for many reasons, but one of the biggest is its beauty. Add a bit of that beauty to your kitchen by choosing a black countertop that mirrors the cosmos, like the Silestone Stellar Night/Polished Quartz from Lowes or the Orion Granite from Both of these options give off a calming vibe that we get when we spend a night looking at the stars.

If you choose a space-esque countertop, try and keep the rest of your design minimal. Most cosmic countertops have heavy veining in a variety of colors, making them a focal point on their own. Consider using silver hardware or picking one color in the countertop, like copper, to use for your faucets and drawer pulls. Stainless steel appliances will blend into the space theme cohesively, while neutral flooring like hardwood or laminate will add a touch of softness to an otherwise contemporary design.

Add a touch of glam with polished granite

If your idea of a dream kitchen consists of a glamorous space with high-end features, don't count black out. While black is often used in modern designs, if done correctly, black can also help create an elegant space that exudes luxury. If that sounds like your design style, consider black polished granite. Polished countertops are shiny and glossy, compared to honed or leathered countertops, which dull that shine and have a more matte finish. A black polished granite that is infused with silver specs or veining will only add to the glam factor. Consider the Silver Pearl Granite from Work-Tops or the Stonemark Granite in Black Galaxy from Home Depot for a similar, but more subtle, shine. Enhance the countertops with glass cabinet doors, a patterned backsplash, and high-end fabrics.

No matter what design style speaks to you the most, black countertops are a great way to add flair and elegance to any kitchen. Plus, black is super durable, easy to maintain, and timeless, so you won't have to worry about black kitchen countertops being a short-lived trend.