Why You Should Consider This Type Of Sink For Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are on just about every homeowner's list of wants, and for good reason. Kitchen islands transform any home by adding significantly more countertop space to the kitchen and dining area, creating hybrid kitchen and entertainment spaces. No longer do you need to do all of your chopping and serving on countertops tucked up against the walls. But as much as we love an island with nothing but countertop space, we also think an apron sink, or farmhouse sink, is an excellent addition to nearly any kitchen island. 

Not only are these super stylish and classic, but apron sinks can actually help you maximize the island area for entertaining guests, and make you more streamlined in the kitchen.  You'll probably notice that apron sinks tend to have a larger capacity than standard sink basins. But despite the fact that this style is often bigger, you're actually left with more space on the countertop. That's thanks to the placement on the countertop and the overhang that is characteristic of apron. Traditional sinks sit inside the kitchen island, with a few inches of countertop in front of the sink's lip. But the apron sink is pulled forward, usually hanging over the edge of the countertop by an inch or two, which means there's no barrier. Those extra inches are now all behind the sink, giving you and your guests lots more workable countertop space, making for a much more efficient layout. 

Making the most out of your apron sink

Though it's only the difference of a few inches, there are tons of pros when it comes to an apron sink-equipped kitchen island, starting with the improved space efficiency. Imagine a standard sink on top of a wall cabinet — that countertop barrier is small, but picture if that space were between the sink and the wall. You'd have a lot more space to store items, like hanging a few pots or a small dish rack, and so on. The same is true for your kitchen island, but with even more flexibility since there's no wall. 

You can use this space to store a basket of veggies that need to be rinsed, for instance. We also love this area for dirty pots and pans that you're waiting to hand wash, as these can easily slip and fall when stacked in the sink, causing them to scratch and break or dent and chip your beautiful sink. 

You'll also really appreciate those extra inches when you host your next dinner party or brunch. It's the perfect space to lay out a buffet spread, entertain guests while you finish up dinner, or spend the whole evening around. You also might feel a bit less overwhelmed with your guests sitting on the other side, since the extra space allows them to feel close without stepping into your work space. They'll appreciate that extra room too, as it will keep them out of the splash zone while you're washing up.