A Creative Way To Repurpose Wooden Spoons In Your Garden

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It is always helpful to take a look at how you care for your garden to determine whether you or your plants would benefit from any changes. Even the smallest modifications can help make the process easier. For example, incorporating essential gardening tools is a great way to take stress off of your hands and back, depending on which tools you select. Furthermore, installing an irrigation system also simplifies gardening by ensuring that your plants always receive the right amount of water. However, perhaps you're looking for a more affordable DIY that involves an item you already own. If so, using old, stained, worn-down wooden spoons as plant markers is one of the cheapest ways to make gardening easier. Simply label the spoons with the names of each of your plants and insert them into the soil accordingly.

Proper labeling can help you keep track of every item in your garden. It is especially useful for those with a large amount of plants placed within the same section of a yard. Besides just the name of each plant, you might want to consider adding additional information on your plant markers. This might include the date that you sowed seeds, the origins of the plant, guidance on proper care, and any other information that would be useful for growing a healthy garden.

How to use wooden spoons as plant markers

To DIY adorable plant markers, simply gather any old wooden spoons you have in your kitchen. You may use wooden spatulas or other wooden cooking utensils if you have those on hand as well. Although this project is intended to repurpose household materials you already have, you can also purchase new wooden spoons for an affordable price if you have none at home. For example, Amazon sells a set of six wooden spoons for only about $10. Do not forget to purchase a waterproof marker to label the spoons with too if you do not already own one. You can snag a two-pack of garden markers crafted specifically for use on plant labels from Amazon for around $10 as well.

After you have gathered your materials, write the names of your plants on each spoon, then place them in the soil next to the appropriate plant. Now, you have unique plant markers that immediately let you know exactly where everything is in your garden. You can also customize the wooden spoons before writing the information on them if you really want to get creative. You might choose to paint them or add waterproof crafting supplies to really make them your own. Also consider decorating each spoon so that it coordinates with the plant it labels. For example, if you used a spoon to help you identify the tomatoes in your garden, you might want to paint tiny tomatoes on it.