Enjoy Fresh Air This Summer With An Easy Hack That Gets Window Screens Clean

Spring and summer's arrival is the perfect time to open your windows for some fresh air. Unfortunately, after several months of winter weather, you may find that your screens are covered in a grimy film or algae. The old-school way to clean dirty window screens is quite involved: Take out the screens and scrub them with soapy water before rinsing and drying them, after which you can pop them back into place. However, an unexpected product you have in the garage is the perfect hack and the easiest way to clean your window screens. 

To remedy your dirty window screens, grab a can of WD-40, a large bath towel, and a microfiber cloth (it's best to select a towel and cloth you don't mind getting grubby). Begin by removing the window screens. Place each one on the bath towel atop a flat surface. Now, spray a generous spritz of WD-40 on the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen, using even and firm strokes. Once you have cleaned the front, flip the screen over and repeat the process on the back. You should see that the screen is visibly cleaner and your microfiber cloth has collected the grime. Depending on how many screens you have (and how dirty they are), you may need multiple cloths to clean them all. Once the screens are clean, put them back in the windows and enjoy your results.

How does this hack work?

WD-40 has a lot of uses, but this application may be surprising; after-all, it is advertised as a multi-use spray, but can this product commonly used for tool maintenance and rust removal really clean your screens? Simply put — yes. But the in-depth answer of "how" is a bit more technical. WD-40 is made from a list of specially formulated ingredients that aid in removing moisture, soil, and other dirty substances (all of which are challenges facing your window screens) from surfaces. When WD-40 is applied to a window screen, it loosens the grime that has collected, making it easier to wipe it away.

While WD-40 can make your window screens shine, leftover excess spray could invite dirt to stick to them. Because of this unfortunate side effect, it's in your best interest to wipe the screen down sufficiently after cleaning it, leaving it as dry as possible. Remembering to clean your window screens often enough can also result in an easier process when cleaning day comes around again