Are Butcher Block Counters A Good Choice In The Bathroom? What Our Interior Design Expert Thinks

In our opinion, few things look as lovely as a butcher block countertop. The varying shades of wood tones are at once timeless and modern, looking incredible with almost any appliance, sink, cabinet, paint color, or floor material — how many other countertop types can you say that about? Though you may have seen these steadily increase in popularity in the kitchen over the last few years, you may wonder if this incredible style must be limited to this one room. Could this beloved style work in the bathroom on top of the vanity instead of the usual stones, composites, tiles, and laminates? To find out, we reached out to Veronica Solomon, President & Lead Interior Designer of Casa Vilora Interiors. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, she gave us the answers. 

Solomon said she hadn't yet seen butcher block countertops in a bathroom, but that doesn't mean It's a no-go, saying, "I have only ever seen it used in kitchens, but I always love a unique spin on a traditionally used element in design." For those worried about the practicality of using butcher block in the bathroom, Solomon further endorsed the possibility, adding, "I think if the space is properly planned out and the choice is intentional, then I am all for it." 

How to do butcher block in the bathroom

Even though it may look absolutely stunning, especially in an organic modern or contemporary farmhouse-styled room, butcher block countertops in the bathroom may sound a little scary. For one, bathrooms tend to get pretty wet, and if there's one thing we've picked up over the years, it's that wood and water don't always mix. To mitigate this risk, Solomon tells exclusively House Digest that she advises using teak wood, as it is "regularly used for outdoor furniture," and sees its fair share of water, wind, weather, and other elements without showing much wear and tear. And to be fair, it's not as though kitchens are steam-free environments. 

For extra protection, Solomon recommends sealing the butcher block with a marine grade sealer, "like what you would see used on yachts." The more heavy-duty and water-resistant the protective seal, the better. It's also imperative that you install a bathroom exhaust fan – if you don't already have one — and use it religiously when using the shower or bath, which will help pull humid air out of the room, preventing the condensation from lingering and settling into the wood. Follow our guidelines for keeping butcher block countertops looking pristine, just as you would in the kitchen: clean them often, and be sure to seal and condition it regularly. 

Butcher block countertops fit many styles

With the practical considerations out of the way, Solomon also advises you to put plenty of consideration into the finish itself, exclusively telling House Digest, "I think the finish should be carefully thought out to go with the overall look and vibe of the space." Determine what look you're going for, whether that's rustic, contemporary, vintage, etc. Solomon spoke specifically of the importance of the finish and how it will impact the overall aesthetic, saying, "For a more organic feel, I would use a matte marine grade sealer, and for something a bit more modern, I would perhaps use a high sheen and very polished look." This small difference can totally transform the vibe of the space. 

Other ways to customize butcher block countertops to your unique style would be the backsplash and sink type. Luckily, the wood of the butcher block reads as neutral but stylish, so you can easily pair it with many different popular interior design styles.