Which IKEA Extendable Dining Table Is Right For You? Here Are Things To Consider

Looking for the right dining table is a difficult thing, especially if you need to accommodate a larger crowd while simultaneously maximizing your small space in a savvy way. If this describes your predicament, an extendable dining table could be the right option, providing the literal best of both worlds. Fortunately, there's no need to spend a fortune: IKEA offers numerous extendable tables, each with its own benefits, unique aesthetic, and features. Choosing which model is a worthy contender for your home, however, may take a little digging. 

Round tables are intrinsically inviting; they naturally garner an intimate and warm feeling when gathering with loved ones. IKEA's round INGATORP ($499.99) comes in black, gray, and white. Customers love how easy the table is to assemble, as well as the extendable feature, which seamlessly increases the seating capacity from four to six with minimal effort. However, several customers criticize the hinges that connect to the leaf for feeling weak, even after limited use. 

If you're looking for something a little classier, the SKANSNÄS ($699) is another round option that could be an excellent fit. Its brown beech veneer finish and simple design lend to its modern-meets-mid-century appeal. It is a relatively new release from IKEA, but customers are already praising its convenience, as well as its ease of assembly and aesthetic value. It is touted as having a thick veneer finish on the top, which — in theory — should result in a table that will stand up to regular use.

Family-style tables from IKEA

IKEA's NORDVIKEN ($699) comes in black, antique stain, and white. This table, when purchased in the antique stain finish, is made from solid wood (one of the best dining room table colors) and is designed to accommodate six people normally and eight when fully extended. Customers love the appearance of the table and claim that it is a sturdy piece of furniture. However, some concerns remain over the NORDVIKEN, including the softness of its wood; some buyers say it can easily collect dents or dings over time. Using a table cloth or other type of covering is likely the best way to protect your investment. 

If you're looking for a practical and foolproof table, EKEDALEN could be your answer. At its condensed size, the EKEDALEN can fit six people, extending to a comfortable eight-person capacity to accommodate your large family or regular gatherings. Thanks to the fact that the legs are actually situated at the corners, there will be no uncomfortable seating position for any chair. Priced at $429.99, this table garners overwhelmingly positive feedback, although several customers have concerns about the density of the top, mentioning that the veneer should be more durable to prevent scratches.

Small tables that make a big impression

IKEA's NORDEN ($349.99) is an excellent option for individuals living in compact spaces or for those who want a versatile table for varied purposes. This small table comes with a helpful and innovative middle support, which integrates three storage drawers on each side, for a total of six; these drawers can be used for everything from utensils to school supplies, depending on your needs. The birch finish is solid wood and NORDEN's gateleg table legs are ideal for small spaces, rotating out to support the tabletop when fully extended.

The PINNTORP has a design similar to the NORDEN, although it is a bit more stripped down, lacking the (what may be considered) clunky storage drawers in the middle. It can comfortably seat four individual chairs around it when extended and just two when collapsed down. At only $229, this solid wooden table can be a good choice for an individual or couple who likes to entertain at small gatherings but doesn't possess much space to do so. 

One note about both the PINNTORP and the NORDEN is that the gateleg extension design can be awkward and downright frustrating; long-legged individuals may feel cramped by the strange angle the leg sits at to support the tabletop, so these tables — while they cannot be denied their space-saving — may not be for everyone.