Our Lawn Care Expert Explains How To Choose The Best Spot For Your Sprinkler Heads For Greener Grass

If you want to use a sprinkler system to help keep your lawn green and lush, you need to make sure you're putting the sprinkler heads in the right place. House Digest spoke exclusively with Ryan Farley, CEO of LawnStarter, a lawn care service chain across the United States, about how to utilize sprinklers to get the greenest grass possible. Farley explained that one of the most important factors is that all areas of your lawn are receiving water from the sprinklers: "The first thing to keep in mind with placing sprinkler heads is that you want to ensure good, even coverage of your entire yard. If spots aren't getting watered, they aren't going to get green."

When placing your sprinkler heads, try to spread them out carefully and turn them on to check and see if there are any spots of grass that aren't covered. If you find that there are, readjust your sprinklers. Otherwise, some parts of your lawn will receive more water, while others won't be getting enough.

Ensure that nothing is blocking your sprinkler heads

In addition to spreading your sprinklers evenly throughout your entire lawn, you'll also want to check that once they turn on, there is nothing blocking where the water will be spraying. Ryan Farley told House Digest exclusively that bigger outdoor fixtures could prevent the water from reaching certain areas of your lawn. "Avoid placing sprinkler heads next to large obstacles like trees or playsets. These [objects] will block the water spray and leave dry zones on the other side," Farley explained.

This is why it's important to ensure you're keeping sprinklers at a distance from big objects. This could mean rearranging your outdoor furniture, moving a backyard fire pit to another spot, or readjusting the placement of your sprinklers. You can also simply put a sprinkler on each side of a large tree or another object to avoid having any blind spots. Properly placing your sprinklers and making sure nothing is interfering with their spray is an easy way to help your grass look greener.

Consider the terrain of your yard

If you have your sprinkler heads evenly placed without obstacles blocking them, yet parts of your grass still aren't green, you may need to adjust your watering system based on your lawn's terrain. Watering your grass properly is a natural way to keep your lawn green, but if some areas are getting much more water than others, that could lead to some issues.

Ryan Farley explained exclusively to House Digest that the slope of your lawn impacts your sprinkler system. "If in doubt, it's always a good idea to put sprinkler heads in higher spots rather than lower ones. The water will flow downhill and ultimately cover more area," Farley said. "Conversely, sprinkler heads in low spots will encourage the water to pool and you'll end up with boggy ground." If your yard is hilly, you'll want to consider how the water will move throughout your lawn and ensure your sprinklers aren't at the base of a slope. By following these expert tips — establishing even coverage, creating clear paths for the water to spray, and considering your terrain — you can maximize the effectiveness of your sprinkler system and create a greener, lusher lawn.