Why Summer Crush Hydrangeas Are The Perfect Choice For Your Small Garden

If you've been dreaming of flowers that will make a big statement in your garden this summer, Summer Crush hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bailmacfive') are bound to turn any space into a hot pink affair. Summer Crush hydrangeas are small and compact plants that only grow to about 3 feet tall and wide, allowing them to be comfortable in an 18-inch container for several seasons. They can be transplanted later if you feel the plant would do better in a bigger container or in your garden. Don't let their size fool you, once these perennials bloom, their large mopheads will fill your space with striking hot pink and vibrant blue blossoms that make a bold statement through summer and into the fall with their repeating blooms. 

Summer Crush hydrangeas are best planted as early as fall or early spring if you want them to bloom in time to make an appearance in summer. These hydrangeas don't need to be pruned, they will bloom regardless, but deadheading after the first bloom will help you get rid of the weaker stems and encourage new flowers later on during the summer season. These low-maintenance summer blossoms are perfect even for the most inexperienced gardener.

How to plant and care for your Summer Crush hydrangeas

Summer Crush hydrangeas do well in moist and fertile soil with good drainage. They can be planted in a pot or in loamy or clay soil with organic compost. It is best to use organic potting mixes and mulch which will help your hydrangeas retain the moisture and nutrients they need. Start by filling an 18-inch pot halfway with quality and organic potting mix. Place your plant in the container, leaving about an inch of space on top for you to fill with potting mix and mulch. Water your plant and feed with a slow-release fertilizer high in phosphorus in order to give your blossoms the strongest bloom. Be careful not to over-fertilize your flowers as that may stunt their growth.

Despite being laid-back flowers, you need to create the right environment for them to thrive. They don't do well in hot climates or with long exposure to direct sunlight. They are best placed facing south where they can be protected from the afternoon sun. Water your flowers generously once a week.

The benefits of Summer Crush hydrangeas

Summer Crush hydrangeas are the small gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they require minimal care, but they are also beneficial to the other plants in your yard because of the pollinators these flowers attract. Although they are mostly resistant to diseases and pests, Summer Crush hydrangeas are still vulnerable to aphids and anthracnose fungal diseases. You can easily remedy fungal issues by removing brown affected leaves when deadheading and spraying the leaves with a fungicide. Aphids and other pests can be controlled by spraying the plant with water and using insecticidal soap.

Summer Crush hydrangeas can be a dream flower to have in your garden because of their versatility. Their small stature means they can fit in just about any backyard. They can be placed as a standalone plant, planted along the border of a garden, or planted among other varieties to create a kaleidoscope of color in your yard. Astilbe, azalea, begonia, coral, cranesbill, and daylilies pair very well with Summer Crush hydrangeas to create a colorful landscape.