Try Martha Stewart's Easy Decor Hack For Chic Home Office Storage

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Martha Stewart is the queen of all things home decor and she never runs out of decoration hacks for you to try. She knows all about the magic of DIY and how simple things can be transformed to add elegance to a room or achieve a theme. One of Martha Stewart's decor hacks involves covering cans and vases with French-toile fabric to make them more chic. "Simply cover recycled metal cans or glass vases with romantic French-toile fabric in a few pretty patterns, and drop in your daily tools," she wrote on Instagram. This use of the toile pattern is a great way to incorporate french styles into your home décor. It can be a way to refresh storage containers in the living room or bedroom, but consider using it to give your home office a makeover.

For this hack, you'll need toile fabric, containers, like glass cups, glass vases, and metal cans, fabric scissors, fabric glue, and a paintbrush. This toile-style tablecloth on Amazon comes in blue and white and several patterns, including rustic and floral. It is 60 inches long and 60 inches wide so you can use it to wrap many containers to display beyond your office. You can also look for a toile fabric at a thrift store. For the containers, you can repurpose any old ones you have lying around or thrift some. They should be portable enough to sit on your office desk or shelf without taking up too much space.

How to cover containers with French-toile fabric

First, wrap the fabric around the container to measure, add a few inches, and then cut the piece. Next, apply the glue generously to the back of the piece using the brush and then stick it on the container, covering the rim as well. You can stop there or cover the inside of the container, too. Now the containers are ready for your pens, scissors, and other work tools.

For this straightforward hack, we think the key component of it is using the right glue. Toile fabric can be found in various materials like linen, cotton, and polyester, and you need the right glue for the material you're working with. Superglue and hot glue are generally not recommended for working with fabric because they can be too strong and damage the fabric, which can be a big problem since the glue needs to be applied to the fabric in excess so it sticks to every part of the container. For this project, consider fabric glue or a spray glue that's designed for upholstery.