12 Hacks That'll Make Your Bedroom More Organized Than Ever

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most Americans spend between 9 and 11 hours sleeping and getting ready for each day. That's almost half a day spent in the bedroom, and if your bedroom space is riddled with clutter, experts point out that your mental health could begin to suffer. This is because a messy environment often leads to feelings of stress and anxiety. Of course, a disorganized room also poses the problem of making it harder to locate specific items when needed, such as a matching pair of shoes when it's time to head to work or a remote control when unwinding with a movie in the evening.

Tackling the mess in your bedroom doesn't have to be a chore. It can be a fun and rewarding project when you have a plan of attack. Implementing a host of hacks that help make organizing your bedroom a breeze is one such strategy. Utilizing under the bed storage containers helps keep seasonal clothing and extra linens out of the way, for example, while bedside pocket organizers provide quick access to television remotes and reading materials. Once your bedroom is neat and tidy, you'll be able to relax and fully enjoy your reclaimed space.

Set up a corner coat rack

In many bedrooms, corner spaces aren't utilized. Setting up a coat rack in one of the corners is an excellent idea, as it will provide you with more storage without taking away the room you need for a bed, dresser, or nightstand. You can even use the coat rack in several different ways. It works well to keep a work or school outfit neat and organized for quick dressing the following day. It can also be used to hold backpacks, hats, jackets, scarves, purses, and ties.

When choosing a corner coat rack, it's important to stick to a model that is tall and narrow, as you want to make use of the vertical space. A basic steel model with around six to eight pegs would work well in a modern-style room, while a solid wood pillar with a built-in stool offers more of a country vibe. Some corner coat rack models feature more than just pegs for hanging clothing. They also have bottom baskets for storing footwear and an upper shelf for displaying decorations. Most corner coat racks are sold in just a few pieces that are easy to assemble, so you'll be able to set the rack up and put it to use shortly after it arrives.

Use a trunk as a nightstand

Having a space next to your bed to set down your glasses and favorite book before turning off the lights and going to sleep is key. While it may be traditional to use a nightstand for this purpose, nightstands are limited in the items they can hold. Swapping out a nightstand for a trunk is a better option, as a trunk adds one large storage space that can be used for everything from seasonal clothing to a collection of purses. A trunk still offers that upper flat surface for setting down your bottle of water, remote control, and writing journal, so you won't have to worry about losing out on the upper function of the piece.

When choosing a trunk, you'll want to keep height in mind. You don't want to use a chest that is really low to the ground, or you'll be bending down every time you want to grab your glass of water. Open up the trunk next to ensure it offers the space you desire. Most trunks are rectangular, but you can find them in a cube shape. Although trunks typically don't come with any dividers, you can always add your own if you felt they would benefit your ability to stay organized.

Install floating shelves

Another hack that will assist in keeping your bedroom organized involves installing floating shelves. Floating shelves can be placed on any wall that isn't being utilized. The shelves provide a place to store books, family photos, plants, and even stuffed animals (if used in a child's room). Place the floating shelves next to a desk if you have one and use it to store your office supplies. This keeps the desk free of clutter. Another option is to use the floating shelves next to a vanity to hold your beauty supplies.

How you arrange the floating shelves can also add a bit of style to your space. A few options include placing them in descending order, like a set of steps, or setting two at equal heights with a center shelf placed a bit lower in between the two. Of course, you can always set them to be stacked vertically or line them up horizontally. You'll find the floating shelves come in a variety of finishes to match your existing decor. Set up is also a breeze, as long as you have a measuring tape, level, and screwdriver on hand.

Use under-bed storage containers

Making use of every ounce of storage space within your room is key to an organized space. One spot that you may be missing is the area under your bed. Unless your bed features built-in drawers underneath, you've got quite a bit of space to work with. There are plenty of containers on the market specifically designed to fit under a bed. These under-bed storage options can be used to house everything from shoes to extra blankets. Some of the containers even come with rollers for easy access.

When picking out a set of under-bed storage containers, consider whether you need breathable fabric bins or plastic containers with lids. Fabric options work well for storing clothing items, while plastic containers are ideal for craft supplies, old photo albums, and seasonal handbags. There are also metal picks that don't have lids. These are good for holding stuffed animals or any collection of items that you may want to quickly access. Some under-bed storage bins come with dividers; however, if a set you're interested in doesn't have them, you can always add your own. Note: You can add bed risers for more space if needed.

Add a storage bench at the foot of your bed

Since you climb in and out of your bed on either the left or right side, the space beyond the foot of your bed is prime real estate. It is there that you can place a storage bench. Storage benches serve two purposes. They will give you a place to sit when putting on your socks and shoes in the morning, while also providing extra storage for large winter coats, quilts, and family board games.

The first thing you need to do when shopping for a storage bench is check the product's weight capacity. Make sure the limit listed can safely hold you when you sit on it. Second, determine the best size for your space. If a bench is too large, you can go with a storage ottoman instead. Surprisingly, storage benches come in a variety of styles. A tufted gray bench without legs has a more relaxed feel, while a black leather piece exudes elegance and sophistication. You could also opt for a white wooden bench if you're looking for that farmhouse feel. Note that some storage benches offer a bottom shelf, instead of an internal cavity. This is a good option if you just need a place to organize a few pairs of shoes.

Hang baskets from the wall

Another way to make use of empty wall space is to hang up a collection of baskets. Baskets are extremely versatile and can be positioned with the open end facing out. That allows for items to be placed within the basket, as well as on top of it — depending on the type of basket. Use the insides of the baskets to hold your favorite lotions, body sprays, and hair supplies. Top the baskets with a mini succulent, porcelain figurine, or a family photo.

Just like with the floating shelves, you can install the baskets in several different configurations, depending on your style. There's also the option to use baskets that get bigger or smaller in size to create a cascading effect. For example, you could place a large wicker basket on the bottom, a medium basket in the center, and a small basket on top. A few screws are all that's needed to hold the baskets in place, and a level is advised to ensure the baskets are properly aligned.

Install an over-the-door organizer

One space everyone has available to them is the back of their bedroom door. Over-the-door organizers can be installed on the back of your bedroom door, as well as on any closet doors, to hold a whole host of items and keep them out of view. Use the storage devices to organize your socks, shoes, jewelry, hair supplies, or personal care items. Pretty much any item that is causing clutter in your bedroom can be dropped into the pocket or shelf of an over-the-door organizer.

There are two main types of over-the-door organizers to choose from. The first is a pocket organizer, which is more budget friendly. This option features a collection of pockets that may be either translucent or a solid color. Items can be placed down inside the pockets with little effort. Another over-the-door organizer utilizes a combination of shelves and hooks. This pick costs a bit more, but has a classier feel. It's also nice to have the extra hooks for hanging hats, ties, backpacks, and purses. No matter which option you select, no tools are needed to install the organizers. Simply hang the hooks over the top of your door and you're all set.

Add Command hooks, ledges, and racks for more wall storage

Command makes a ton of products that allow for storing items on your wall, without ruining the paint. The company's hooks are great for hanging robes, while the ledges and racks are more ideal for holding makeup or an array of knick knacks. You can also use the Command hooks to create an accessories wall, displaying baseball caps, fancy hats, or designer purses.

Just like with the storage bench, you need to check the weight capacity of the Command product you intend on using. Some hooks are able to hold lightweight items only, while others can handle up to a heavy backpack. Next, determine exactly what you want to organize on the wall. Command has general products, such as accessory organizers and picture ledges that can hold a wide range of elements, but they also have item-specific pieces, like the Command Jewelry Rack for all of your necklaces, bracelets, and rings. (Note: Always follow the product instructions for a firm hold. Typically, this involves cleaning the wall, removing the adhesive backing, and holding the item in place for 30 seconds.)

Add a wall-mounted desk

Many homes are not equipped with a separate office. It then becomes necessary to set-up a space to work within the bedroom. One way to keep the room organized, while still being able to complete school assignments or client projects, is to install a wall-mounted desk. A wall-mounted desk, also called a floating desk, keeps all of your work supplies in one dedicated area without taking up much space. Most of these desks also feature elements that fold up and out of the way when not in use.

When shopping for a wall-mounted desk, first measure the available space you have to work with. You don't want to come home with a model that is too large for the room. Next, check out how many shelves and drawers the unit provides. Is there enough to store your pens, notepads, paperclips, and printer ink? Read the product specifications to find out the desk's weight limit. One model may only hold 30 pounds, which is enough for a laptop, but not a desktop computer. Others can handle as much as 100 pounds, providing the support needed for a desktop computer and a printer. Installation will require a power screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a level.

Hang a bedside pocket organizer off the side of your mattress

If you'd like to keep your nightstand clear of clutter and free for just a lamp and glass of water, you can hang a bedside pocket organizer from your mattress instead to neatly store the rest of your items. Bedside pocket organizers don't take up any space in your bedroom, which makes them an excellent hack to add to the list. Use the pockets to store your electronics, evening snacks, reading materials, and reading glasses. All of the items are placed within arm's reach, making the bedside pocket organizer both convenient and functional.

There are actually many different bedside pocket organizers to choose from, so it's a good idea to first determine how many items you plan on placing in the handy storage device. Smaller options may only feature four pockets, while others offer eight or more. There are organizers with mesh side pockets for drinks, as well as models that include a pull-out tray. To install the bedside pocket organizer, simply slide the long flat piece in between your mattress and boxspring. In the event that you need the organizer for a bunk or hospital bed, you'll find plenty of options with hooks to hang the storage caddy from the bed's bars.

Switch to collapsible hangers

While visitors won't be able to see inside your closet, you'll still want to keep the space tidy. Additionally, with proper organization, you'll be able to store a lot more items. Collapsible hangers are perfect for this task. Not only do they keep your clothing from becoming wrinkled until you need to wear them, but they also reduce the amount of space those items take up in your closet.

To use a collapsible hanger, you first place both end hooks over the closet's rod. Next, put your clothing items on their own hangers and then hook those hangers to the slots within the collapsible unit. Once you've finished hanging your clothing items, grab one of the end hooks (it doesn't matter which one) that is attached to the rod and lower it down. Collapsible hangers are extremely affordable, and you can get a pack of 10 on Amazon that holds up to 50 pieces of clothing for under $10. Note that S-shaped hangers work in a similar way to collapsible hangers. They allow you to store things like leggings, scarves, and ties vertically to take up the least amount of space in your closet.

Install drawer organizers and dividers

Just like with your closet, visiting guests won't be able to see inside your dresser drawers; however, it's quite easy for the contents of the drawers to become messy and disorganized. Drawer organizers and dividers are the perfect solutions, as they not only free up space, but also make it a cinch to find the exact item you're looking for within seconds, whether that is your favorite pair of socks or a bottle of red nail polish.

When it comes to drawer organizers and dividers, you'll find a host of available options. There are simple plastic expanders that you can pull from one side to another to create a divide in any size drawer. There are fabric and plastic bins in a variety of sizes that can be mixed and matched depending on your needs. Fabric options are ideal for clothing items, as they are breathable, while the plastic bins do an excellent job of arranging your personal care items, office supplies, and hair care products. There are even bins that are specifically designed to organize your socks, underwear, and leggings.