The Clever Cabinet Design That Keeps Appliances Tucked Away & Counters Clear

Appliances can take up so much kitchen countertop space that you have little room left to actually prepare food. Space is even more limited for those with kitchen decor that they would like to display on their countertops. Small kitchens are also not ideal for storing appliances on countertops. This is because they typically have very little countertop space. There is a simple cabinet design solution that can help you solve this problem. Add deep slide-out drawers in your kitchen, and use those to store your small kitchen appliances. Items like toasters, blenders, and even small coffee makers can be placed in these drawers.

You can easily remove the appliance you need when it is time to use it. This is a great way to keep these items in reach while still clearing up kitchen counter space. With all of the free room on your kitchen countertops, it should be easier to prepare meals, display food during gatherings, and decorate your kitchen. If you do not already have kitchen drawers large and deep enough to use to store appliances, consider having them professionally installed to enjoy this space-saving benefit. Let's dive into how you can benefit from this appliance storage solution.

Store your appliances in a slide-out cabinet drawer instead

There are multiple benefits to keeping your appliances off of your countertops. Not only will storing your appliances in a slide-out drawer help you create extra counter space, but you might also find that it makes your kitchen look more visually appealing. This is especially true for those who have appliances that do not complement their kitchen. Keeping your countertops free of appliances will likely make your kitchen look neater and more organized overall. This is a great way to turn cluttered kitchens into a minimalist space.

You might be hesitant to store your appliances in drawers because of the hassle of having to remove them, place them on your countertops, and set them back in the drawers after each use. This can be frustrating for those with busy lives who are often in a rush. Thankfully, there is a pretty simple solution to this. You can install outlets in the pull-out drawers that you plan to use as appliance storage. This will allow you to use certain appliances without having to remove them from the drawer. Of course, you will need to make sure that any item you plug into the outlet can be safely used in an open drawer.