HGTV's Erin Napier Unveils A Chic Way To Upgrade Your Home's Boring Arched Windows

An arched doorway or window can be an elegant architectural feature in a home. It adds something unique to a space and also brings about a better distribution of natural light due to the curves and angles, and interior arches can even increase the value of your home. However, it can be tricky to design around an arch, which is why some people try to hide unwanted ones by making them blend into the background. For Erin Napier, the combination of bold wall colors and light curtains hung high can turn arched windows from boring to daring.

On season 8, episode 2 of HGTV's "Home Town," Erin Napier was tasked with creating a super-personalized home, and the client — her childhood friend — wanted a mysterious and masculine vibe. "These houses are so specific and individual: that's the joy in the work we get to do," she said about the project in an Instagram post. The sunroom had three window walls, and she was able to bring the client's vision to life in this space by finding ways to emphasize the arched windows. What we can learn from this is that upgrading your home's arched windows involves making them look like they fit in the space and then allowing them to stand out.

Use a bold color for the wall

Only two of the three window walls had arched transoms, so she added an arched trim on the third to make it more uniform. Beyond that, she really brought his vision to life by changing all the walls from white to a moody blue because the bold color made the arch more visible. Another way this could've been done is with the window itself. If you prefer having white or light walls, consider dark window frames to really define the arch.

When using bold colors in the home, all elements have to work together. A bold color on the wall needs the right-colored drapes and furniture. A maximalist home could be fine with a mix of bold colors, but other more modern styles would allow the walls to be the star while the other elements played a supporting role. In true Erin Napier fashion, this room is bold and interesting without being at all overwhelming because the blue walls work well with the off-white drapes, light wood desk, black chair, two green plants, and other accessories that balance the space.

Use tall window treatments

The tall curtains also made the look more chic. Sometimes with arched windows, treatments like curtains or drapes are placed awkwardly below the arch (at the end of the transom, for example) in an effort to display the arch. However, it can make the ceiling and walls look shorter because the rod cuts off the window in the middle. It's better to hang the curtains over the window, leaving generous space between the rod and the top of the arch. Also, make sure the curtains brush the floor to avoid another common curtain mistake that will make your room feel smaller.

Full, tall, flowy curtains will look much neater and more elegant. If you're concerned about covering the arch, choose light-colored materials for the curtains or drapes so the arch can still peek through when they're drawn closed. This combined with the dark window frames will keep your arched windows as a statement in the room.