The Exterior Window Trend That Will Give Your Home A Sleek & Modern Upgrade

You're not imagining it: Steel windows are all over Pinterest in 2024. However, while they certainly look incredibly sleek and modern, this trend isn't limited to just contemporary homes. Far from it, one of the best parts about this window trend is that it can bring a breath of fresh air to older homes, too. 

There can be no question that steel windows align with industrial design. They're also pretty pared back, despite making a major statement. As such, if your home is more on the modern side, these windows are a great bet. We're not just talking super contemporary design, for that matter. With steel windows featuring a ton of glass that creates the feeling of bringing the outside in, they offer the perfect opportunity to bring a mid-century modern home into the 2020s. 

Further than that, though, steel windows can also look incredible in Neo-colonial, Jeffersonian and even saltbox homes. That's because, despite having a distinctly modern edge, steel windows can very easily play into more classical window styles. Think multi-pane steel windows to mimic the classical look, and arched steel windows to replace Palladian windows. They'll continue to look cohesive, while bringing in some new energy. What's more, if you'd prefer the windows to look even more classic, you don't even have to go with black steel. Steel windows are available in a range of colors, so you could easily recreate classic white windows with a modern twist. 

Be warned, steel windows can be on the pricey side

One drawback of steel windows is that they can be fairly expensive to install. In fact, Euroline Steel Windows and Doors estimates that with labor included, windows 1 linear foot wide (that's 12 inches) generally cost between $500 and $1,200. If you are in a Neo-colonial or saltbox home, or any home with a ton of windows for that matter, those costs can rack up very quickly. Not to mention, the company also cautions that bigger windows (the kinds you'd see in mid-century modern or contemporary homes) will generally be even more costly. Yup — these windows can make a home look super expensive, because they are. 

Of course, that's just an estimate. For the most accurate pricing, we'd recommend reaching out to stockists in your area. They're likely to have a number of different options available. They'll also be able to give you an accurate idea of labor costs in your area. 

If, after speaking with local pros, you find steel windows are out of your price range, there is one alternative to keep in mind. One of the pros of aluminum windows is that they look very similar to steel, while often being half the price. They won't have as much strength as steel, though, so be sure to do some research before making any decisions. 

Don't DIY install steel windows

If, after looking into the costs of steel windows, you're happy to proceed, the next thing you need to think about is installation. A word to the wise: don't think you'll save here by doing it yourself. DIY installation will save you money short-term, but the risks just aren't worth the reward. 

For starters, professional installers generally offer a warranty. Go it on your own, and there's a pretty good chance that warranty will be compromised — and since you're doing it yourself, the possibilities of damage are already far greater. Ironically, though, that would probably be the best case scenario. In the event that you've not sealed things properly, you could also end up with a mold problem, which isn't just incredibly expensive to rectify, but could even be dangerous to your health in some instances. Another reason not to try DIY? There's a chance you'll need a permit for your new windows. If you're working with an experienced professional, they'll know exactly which permits are needed, so you won't sit with a headache.

Steel windows look incredible in many home styles, so if your budget allows, they're certainly worth a try for a more contemporary upgrade. If they are too costly, go for aluminum instead — but further than that, don't cut corners on installation. After all, steel windows are great for a 2024 look and feel, but they should last you for years to come.