Basic Harbor Freight Hand Tools That'll Help With Any Task Around Your Home

Owning a home often feels like a big mass of never-ending projects, but basic repairs and tasks are made easier if you have the proper tools at the ready. If you are looking for some hand tools to assist you in maintaining your home, Harbor Freight is a great resource for affordable yet reliable options. While the retailer sells almost every hand tool you can think of, there are a few basics that every homeowner should have, such as tape measures, sockets, hammers, and wrenches. 

Along with affordable products, Harbor Freight also has a three-month return policy, so you won't need to stress about regretting a purchase. Whether you're a DIY master or someone who prefers doing simple home maintenance yourself while trusting the experts with more advanced projects, having the correct hand tools ready to go is crucial for any homeowner. With that said, some of Harbor Freight's basic hand tools stand out from the rest and deserve a spot in everyone's home.

The Pittsburgh 25-foot by 1-inch QuikFind Tape Measure with ABS Casing

Everyone needs a tape measure at some point, whether they are measuring a countertop overhang, determining the best dimensions for a new TV in their living room, or any other home-related measurements. So, while a tape measure might not be the most exciting item, it's very much a necessary product for every homeowner, and you definitely don't want a low-quality product that falls apart when you try to use it. One good-quality yet inexpensive option is the Pittsburgh 25-foot by 1-inch QuikFind Tape Measure with ABS Casing, available for just under $5 at Harbor Freight.

The markings on this tape measure are in large print to help prevent confusion or errors, and it has a convenient thumb lock in addition to the long length and durable casing, making it quite possibly a better find than just any ordinary tape measure. So, for only about $5, measuring items and areas in your home can be a significantly simpler process.

The 6-Piece Pittsburgh Screwdriver Set

Any avid DIYer knows just how crucial screwdrivers are for every project, whether that project is big or small, imperative or optional. But even if you aren't a fan of extensive DIY projects, it's always a good idea to keep more than one screwdriver around in your home in case something needs a quick tightening or if you find you need to assemble a new piece of furniture. 

The six-piece Pittsburgh Screwdriver Set provides screwdrivers that are good for any DIY project at a price that can hardly be beat. Selling for just around $3 at Harbor Freight, this set offers variety in size and style, so you'll have just about whichever type of screwdriver you need on hand whenever you need it. The ergonomic handles are textured, making them comfortable to hold as you work with them, and the tips are magnetic which makes it easier when tightening or loosening screws.

The Pittsburgh ¼-inch Drive Low-Profile Ratchet

Like screwdrivers, it's good to have at least one ratchet ready to go in your toolbox. This is one of the durable Harbor Freight tools TikTok swears by, as the Pittsburgh ¼-inch Drive Low-Profile Ratchet with Soft Grip is apparently a steal for the price because it's a great-quality hand tool with a comfortable-to-use handle. Users even say that it works significantly better than other options without annoying back drag. You can buy the ratchet for around $15 at Harbor Freight.

Featuring 72 teeth, chrome coating, and a design that prevents you from dropping it while working, the ratchet has a low-profile head, so you shouldn't have any issues regarding bulkiness when using it in more compact areas. And the ¼-inch size isn't the only option, as you can opt for a ½-inch or ⅜-inch design instead. So, anyone looking for their first ratchet — or just a new ratchet in general — should consider this well-liked product.

The 10-Piece Icon Professional Long Metric Combination Wrench Set

Even if you aren't quite ready for a ratchet yet, every homeowner still needs some high-quality wrenches for small — or not-so-small — home repairs and maintenance. So, you'll benefit from investing in a set like the Icon Professional Long Metric Combination Wrench set that comes with 10 wrenches in different sizes, available for right below $80 at Harbor Freight. People appreciate the long lengths and how these wrenches are ultra-reliable even after years of daily use, saving you money in the long run because you won't have to replace them as often as lower-quality options.

DIY enthusiasts, people who only touch wrenches for absolutely necessary home maintenance, and anyone in between should enjoy working with this set, thanks to the variety in sizes and easy-to-use designs with balanced handles. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty which should give hesitant shoppers some peace of mind.

The Pittsburgh Pro 21-ounce Fiberglass Framing Hammer

Finally, every tool kit — no matter how basic — needs a hammer. Fiberglass is an excellent option for anyone looking for an ultra-durable hammer, as you can expect these types of designs to last for the long term. One highly rated fiberglass hammer to consider is the Pittsburgh Pro 21-ounce Fiberglass Framing Hammer, selling for about $10 at Harbor Freight

Not only does this durable hammer avoid wear and tear, but it also has a rubber grip which makes it easier to handle. Plus, the fiberglass feature is thought to prevent users from experiencing issues with arm pain when using the hammer. Ultimately, tape measures, screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, and hammers are essential components for even the most basic homeowner tool boxes, and Harbor Freight has everything you need to fill that (hand) tool box with quality items that won't be pricier than necessary.