Ryobi Tools That Can Help Whip Your Lawn Into Shape

Ryobi is a good cordless power tool brand for indoor home improvement projects. And when you're ready to do some lawn work, you can trust Ryobi to deliver impressive outdoor power tools, too. Whether you need lawn mowers, edgers, string trimmers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, or something else, Ryobi has a cordless tool made for the job.

Many of the Ryobi outdoor tools use a 40V battery, which delivers far more power than the 18V batteries commonly found with this brand's drills and saws. The extra power is necessary to keep the lawn tools running so you can finish the job in one go. Having so many cordless outdoor power tools available allows you to share batteries among all of them, which makes it more appealing to stick with a single brand like Ryobi.

When comparing gas and battery-powered lawn mowers, a cordless model is quieter and doesn't generate exhaust, making it a design that's friendlier for the environment. You typically have fewer maintenance requirements with cordless outdoor power tools than gas models, too. When you are ready to do lawn work with less stress, here are the four Ryobi cordless outdoor power tools we recommend using.

The Ryobi mower that makes cutting the lawn a walk in the park

If you're worried that a battery-powered Ryobi lawn mower won't carry the same advanced features as a gas mower, the Ryobi 40V 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower Kit (model number RY401150) will put your fears at ease. Its 21-inch cutting deck compares favorably in size to walk-behind gas mowers, and it delivers a cross-cut, multi-blade system that mulches the grass with ease. Seven different cut heights are available, ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. It's a self-propelled model with variable speeds, so you can spend less energy while doing the yard work. 

You can purchase it at Home Depot for $599. It includes a charger and two 40V batteries, which deliver 70 minutes of run time together, making this model ideal for cutting a yard up to three-quarters of an acre in size. Ryobi claims that the 40V battery can deliver power to this lawn mower equal to a 170cc gas engine machine. The Ryobi self-propelled lawn mower has a space-saving design, as the handle folds down when you're ready to store it. The machine can rest vertically in your garage or shed with the handle folded down, maximizing the available space.

Ryobi's string trimmer handles thick weeds or quick trimming jobs equally well

After you finish mowing, there are always a few spots at the edges of the yard that require more precise work than the mower can provide. That's where the Ryobi 40V Carbon Fiber Shaft String Trimmer Kit (model number RY40HPST01K) can help you finish creating the perfect look for your lawn. Purchase it at Home Depot for $199, and it comes with one battery and a fast charger. It uses the same 40-volt battery as the cordless lawn mower, so you can share the batteries between both tools for even greater value.

Ryobi claims that its cordless trimmer's 40V battery delivers the same level of power as a 27cc gas trimmer, allowing it to slice through thick weed stalks and tufts of long grass equally well. It has a cut swath up to 16 inches in width, so you can tackle big jobs quickly. It can run up to 45 minutes on a fully-charged battery, so you can finish even a long trimming job without needing a recharge. Should you need to emphasize power over run time, you can select the faster setting on the two-speed operating switch to slice through thick weeds. Because of the lightweight carbon fiber handle, you won't have a lot of arm fatigue while using it, either.

Make overseeding or fertilizing a stress-free process with Ryobi's power spreader

If your yard needs more help than mowing and trimming can provide, you may want to utilize overseeding techniques on your lawn to combat bare spots. Through overseeding, you spread seeds to allow new grass to sprout and create a thicker, fuller yard. The Ryobi 18V 1-Gallon Power Spreader (model number P2402BTL) makes the overseeding process a snap. Purchase it at Home Depot for about $65 without the 18-volt battery. (You can borrow a Ryobi 18V battery from any of the brand's power tools that you may already own or purchase one with a charger separately at Home Depot for $89.)

Thanks to the battery power in the spreader, you can cover a width of 5 feet as you spread the grass seed. It also works with granular fertilizer. It has an adjustable flow rate knob, so you can cut down on the spread width and the speed of flow, if desired. It couldn't be easier to use. Just pull the trigger on the carrying handle to start the spreading and release the trigger to stop. This system reduces the possibility of creating a mess with spilled fertilizer or seed.

Use a precise spray stream to attack weeds in your lawn with Ryobi's sprayer

If weeds are a bigger problem for your yard than bare spots, Ryobi can help you with its 18V Compact Sprayer Kit (model number P28140). Purchase it at Home Depot for $99, where it comes with a battery and charger. Should you ever need a second battery, it shares the same 18V battery design that's common with Ryobi power tools, so you can borrow from other tools in your collection. Ryobi claims it can spray up to 200 gallons of liquid on a single battery charge, though, so it's doubtful you'll need a second battery.

Unlike hand pumpers that you may carry to combat weeds, you simply press the trigger on the Ryobi power sprayer to start the flow of liquid chemicals. There's no need to wear yourself out pumping the handle by hand to generate pressure for the sprayer. It has a shape similar to a cordless drill, so it's easy to handle and use. Precise spraying is possible with the narrow nozzle design, but you also can reach up to 20 feet in distance with the spray, so you can deliver weed killer to remote locations with ease. The kit is compatible with a 1-, 2-, or 3-gallon tank, but it ships with a ⅛-gallon tank (0.5 liters).