Turn Your Cleaning Routine Upside Down With An Often Overlooked Technique

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Creating an effective cleaning schedule is an important part of maintaining a home, but it can get tricky. From figuring out which cleaning tasks should be included to making time to actually get things done, there is a lot that goes into developing an effective cleaning routine. If you are lucky enough to develop a routine that works for you, you might be hesitant to introduce new cleaning methods and tricks. However, switching up your routine can help simplify things. You might want to consider starting at the top of each room and working your way down to clean more efficiently.

This technique will help you ensure that any dirt or grime that you wipe off of countertops, walls, or ceilings does not fall onto clean floors. It may even reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning. If you clean your floors last, you should not have to worry about going back and sweeping or mopping up spills all throughout the cleaning process. Even if you have a routine you love, it might still be worth it to turn things upside down and start truly cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Clean your home from the ceiling downward

Switching to this ceiling-to-floor cleaning method should be pretty simple. However, there are a few tips and recommendations that can really help you get the most out of the technique. When starting out at your ceilings, tackle things like cobwebs in corners and air vents. These spots are often neglected, which is one of the many bad cleaning habits that are far too common. These spots can accumulate lots of dust, so it is important to target these areas. You can use a long duster to clean these hard-to-reach spots.

After you have cleaned your ceilings, it is time to move on to your walls. To avoid damaging paint or staining walls, you can simply use a gentle damp cleaning cloth dipped in warm water to remove dust and other particles. Walls with tougher stains might require something a little more powerful. In this case, you can use a cleaning cloth dipped in a warm soapy water solution to scrub those stains away.

Be sure to dry your walls after you have cleaned them. You probably have windows along the walls that you will need to clean at this point as well. Simply use a glass cleaner, and a warm soapy cloth for the window sills. Next, clean any countertops, furniture, or appliances in the room. Your final step is to get your floors clean.

The best tools for top to bottom cleaning

There are a few cleaning tools you can purchase to make this top to bottom cleaning technique a bit easier. Consider investing in a duster that can reach high ceilings. The Swiffer Ceiling Fan Duster Super Extender Handle Starter Kit available on Amazon extends up to six feet tall, so it is a good option for those with high ceilings. This item is on sale for $14.44 at the time of this writing.

After you have selected a cleaning tool that can reach your ceilings, you might also be interested in purchasing a vacuum mop. This deep cleaning tool could help you save even more time by allowing you to vacuum and mop your floors at the same simultaneously, rather than completing each task separately at the end of your cleaning sessions. There are quite a few different vacuum mops available to choose from on Amazon. If you are on a budget, the Eureka All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner might be a good fit for you. It is on sale for only $124.99 at the time of this writing. However, it is typically $143.25, which is still far more affordable than several other vacuum mops.