TikTokers Share 9 Creative Tips For Incorporating Basement Beams Into Home Decor

Basements are beneficial aspects of any home, offering the homeowners a space to dedicate to anything they want, whether as an office, recreation room, laundry area, or at-home bar. While most basements are quite customizable, allowing you to transform them at your whim, pretty much all basements have beams — and the support poles aren't usually the most attractive feature. Those steel or wood basement beams tend to clash with spaces' aesthetics, so homeowners who don't like how those details look should consider getting creative and embellishing their unsightly basement support poles with paint, wrappings, lighting, or decorative touches inspired by nature. TikTok is a great place to find clever ways to disguise your basement beams.

If you don't like basement beams, unfortunately, you can't just get rid of them. They're crucial for keeping your home sturdy — and beams that don't work can cause serious danger for your home, resulting in it literally crashing down. If your basement beams do their job but you don't like how they look, replacing them is an option. However, it will severely cost you, as you'll likely have to pay thousands of dollars. The better alternative for you may just be looking for creative ways to deck out your basement beams instead. These TikTok ideas might be just what you need to get inspired.

1. Start the party with sparkly disco-inspired embellishment

Do you want to take your basement beam pole from drab to dazzling? TikToker @gigglinghippie posted a video of a show-stopping basement beam pole transformation that truly sparkled. At the beginning of the video, the pole looked gritty and unappealing, so the TikToker fully covered it in silver shiny stick-on sheets that resembled the look of a disco ball, making the pole the space's most stunning standout feature. Perfect for basements used for parties and dancing, this disco decor idea brings the '70s into your home.

2. Paint a rainbow design for colorful flair

Anyone who doesn't like their basement beam pole's dull neutral look should paint it to help it appear more attractive. If you really want to bring the pole to life, don't feel limited to only painting it one color. Instead, take inspiration from TikToker @eg.brandt and use a plethora of different hues for a captivating rainbow effect. Just remember, if you aren't a particularly experienced painter, you should practice your ability to blend the rainbow colors on a canvas before applying the look to your basement beam pole.

3. Create a clean white classic look

On the other hand, not every basement will benefit from colorful, rainbow-inspired beam poles — especially if the homeowner prefers more minimalistic, traditional aesthetics. If that sounds like you, you'll benefit from opting for a striking white look. TikTok user @krossont painted the basement beam poles crisp white, and that stark white look appeared super sleek. Another advantage of painting the basement beam poles white is that classic white is such a versatile look — so whether you decorate the space with all neutral furniture or add pops of color, the white poles won't clash.

4. Turn it into a cat's dream come true

Believe it or not, you can transform your basement beam pole into your cat's favorite activity. TikToker @autumngaschelr fully wrapped a bunch of rope around a basement pole so the cat could climb up and down it. In the video, the cat appeared to enjoy the pole transformation, eagerly playing on it. Not only will this convenient DIY idea turn your basement into a cat-friendly oasis and save you money on entertainment for your pet, but the texture on the pole will add a more intriguing aesthetic touch to the space.

5. Embellish the pole with string lights and pictures

Anyone looking for a cute way to update ordinary string lights for a stylish look and decorate their basement beam pole can accomplish both missions at once with some clever embellishing. TikToker @ulienida transformed a big white pole from boring to beautiful by wrapping it in whimsical string lights but didn't just stop there. The TikToker also hung photos on the string for a more charming and unique touch. Following the TikToker's lead can help you light up the pole while displaying some of your favorite memories.

6. Add some festive flair for your favorite holidays and seasons

Homeowners who like decorating their homes for all their favorite holidays shouldn't be afraid to turn their basement beam poles into festive statement pieces. TikToker @missisisjones posted a video flaunting a basement pole decorated with lit-up green and red Christmassy details, and anyone else who loves Christmas decorations should follow the TikToker's footsteps. Also, feel free to use the idea to represent other holidays and seasons, embellishing the pole with details inspired by Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day, and every other celebration you enjoy.

7. Take inspiration from tree bark

If you're a nature enthusiast and your home features many rustic and outdoorsy details, you'll likely fall in love with TikTok user @brinycrete's statement beam pole. The pole is covered in what looks exactly like real tree bark that you would see on a genuine tree in the woods. Creating this effect would be a very advanced project, so unless you're ultra-skilled at DIY projects, it would be best to hire an expert to design this eye-catching look that will turn your pole into a conversation-starting piece of art.

8. Go for graceful floral vibes

Do you love nature but prefer more romantic looks over rustic effects? Embellish your basement beam pole with floral details. TikToker @wondernod posted a video showing a netted material covering the pole. The TikTok user then added many floral pieces to that material, sticking the stems in the net holes so that the pole was entirely decorated with the beautiful white and green florals. Whether you want to transform your basement into a nature-themed escape or use it as a lovely space to entertain guests, decorating it with fake flowers will appear enchanting.

9. Dress it up with pole wrap and ribbon

A relatively simple way to help a not-so-attractive basement beam pole appear more appealing is to cover it in pole wrap, as @vitaccotile did on TikTok. The wrap helps poles appear more clean and polished while potentially adding charming texture. Pole wrap is super accessible, selling at well-liked retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe's. Once your wrap is securely attached to the pole, you can stop there, but if you want to add an adorable touch, consider tying ribbons around it, too.