15 Stylish Disco Ball Décor Ideas To Bring The '70s Into Your Home

With their allure of both high glam style and 1970s grooviness, disco balls are fast becoming a great décor element to add to a room, instantly providing a touch of shimmer and light to spaces of all décor persuasions, whether it be farmhouse and rustic or mid-century modern and chic. There are a number of ways you can incorporate this cool, but classic, element into your space — whatever your existing style. 

While just adding a simple disco ball is an obvious strategy (via Amelia's Retro Vogue), there are also a number of great DIY and ready-made pieces that use the same effect of glossy, mirrored surfaces and the beautiful play of light achieved by them. From tables to mirrors to adorable planters perfect for your home or garden, you can bring a dose of '70s disco glam and fun retro energy into any room you like. For inspiration, here are 15 ideas to try.

1. Disco glassware

These DIY disco drinkware cups can be created easily from square mirrored stick-on tiles and some glass jars or tumblers. They can make a fun addition to your bar cart or next gathering, especially during the holidays and New Year's Eve celebrations. 

2. DIY Planter

Like the glassware above, another idea for bringing a little disco ball style into your space is bedecking a simple glass planter with mirrored tiles for an easy DIY planter.  Here, the shimmer and light add a touch of glam to more whimsical and creative accessories. 

3. Playing with light

Disco balls are also great additions to décor all on their own. Here, a small disco ball atop a stack of magazines instantly elevates a collection of modern accessories and plants. The effect, with the pink velvet cubes, is feminine and glam, while also being fun.

4. Fireplace filler

An assemblage of disco balls is the perfect way to occupy an open space like this fireplace, where they add some shimmer and shine amid a more modern and minimal interior. 

5. DIY retro coffee table

In this dupe of a designer coffee table, three large disco balls support a simple glass round top, making the balls visible from above and from the sides.  The luxury and glamour of the balls create balance with the earthier wood floors and the gorgeous yellow velvet rounded sofa. 

6. Go big

One way to easily add immediate impact is to go big with your disco dreams. Here, a sizeable disco ball rests under a clear plexiglass console table, adding a sense of lightness and floating only enhanced by the reflective surface of the disco ball. 

7. Hanging planter

You can easily fashion a planter from an existing disco ball by removing the lid and placing a more traditional pot inside the cavity. This planter is especially great for outdoors, where the sun catches the reflective surface all day long and casts beautiful patterns on your home, garden, or patio.

8. Glass mirror surround

Small mirrored tiles that reflect like a disco ball's surface are available in a number of sizes. Here, they're used as a border around a mirror, adding an instant touch of glam and 70's flavor to a simple bathroom vanity.

9. Disco table

This disco-tiled coffee table is both vintage and space-age with its unique, organic shape and shimmery reflective surface, making it perfect for both retro-inspired and sleekly modern interiors.

10. Suncatchers

A great place to use a disco ball in your home is to hang it in your window, which allows the light to create intricate patterns on everything in the room. Here, a disco ball is paired with other reflective pieces and crystals to make the window glow with light.

11. Tray assemblage

Disco ball ornaments look stunning when placed together in a tray or bowl as an alternative to fruit or twine balls. Here, they complement more rustic décor and infuse some disco energy into the room's more earthy tones. 

12. DIY Ornament wreath

Those same disco ball ornaments can be used to create a holiday wreath with just a little hot glue and silver tinsel. The color and style of this wreath mean it's also a piece for keeping up through the new year, even after other Christmas décor has been tucked away.

13. Reflective globe

Using glass tile stripes and some hot glue, you can turn any boring or outdated globe into a disco ball. This globe is perfect for livening up even the most staid and traditional bookshelf or study area with a little glam. 

14. Glass tile backsplash

The variety of glass disco tiles makes them a strong choice for bedecking any surface, including this beautiful and shiny backsplash, created with peel-and-stick tiles. The mirrored effect transforms both the dimensions of the room as well as its décor style, which goes from more rustic to retro instantly after being applied. The peel-and-stick tiles are also a solution for rental spaces. 

15. Disco ball art

This piece of visual art created from a disassembled disco ball gives the same effect of the popular 1970s hallmark, but with a one-of-a-kind artsy feel that still shines and glistens like the best dance floor.