Do Toro Lawn Mowers Make The Cut? Here Are Important Details To Know Before Buying

If you're seeing signs that it's time for a new lawn mower, you may be researching different models and brands. Going for a cheap option is one of the key mistakes people often make when buying a new one. Toro is a brand that's well-known for outdoor power products, and its history dates back around 100 years with the introduction of high-quality golf course lawn mowers for greens. Toro has its headquarters in Minnesota, but it has manufacturing facilities throughout the world , and the company makes its own products.

The company offers walk-behind and rider designs for all property sizes. It's a brand that regularly wins awards from third-party websites and magazines that put lawn mowers through the paces. We even named a Toro 22-inch model as one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers. So how does it compare to John Deere and Troy-Bilt? Troy-Bilt typically works better for homeowners with a small budget and small lawn, while Toro is better for those with higher demands. Meanwhile, John Deere products have excellent reliability, but Toro is less expensive and has better fuel efficiency. Toro's reliability is also solid — well-maintained machines last up to 6,000 operating hours for Toro's high-end models. The company offers two-year warranties on walk-behinds and three-year warranties on riders.

Features you can count on with a walk-behind model

Toro offers a wide range of designs in walk-behind lawn mowers. If you want an eco-friendly option, the company sells multiple electric-powered models with 21- to 30-inch cutting decks. A larger cutting deck allows you to finish the job faster by chopping off more grass with each pass, which can save you quite a few steps with a walk-behind design. These electric models all use 60-volt batteries that work with tons of Toro's outdoor power tools.

Toro also offers gas-powered walk-behind lawn mowers, and they feature cutting decks measuring between 21 and 30 inches in width, too. One key advantage of the Briggs & Stratton engines on the gas-powered models is that you have less maintenance to worry about. These motors never need an oil change — simply add more into the machine whenever the dipstick indicates that it's running a little low.

Toro walk-behind lawn mowers include self-propelled power technology to make the job easier. Additionally, for those who want a high-end model, Toro offers the TimeMaster in both gas and electric, and they offer a 30-inch dual-blade cutting system for quality mulch. If you want a smaller, lightweight model, Toro offers the Stripe — a battery-powered machine that is 25% lighter than other battery-powered units, making it easier to steer than heavier machines.

Finding a Toro riding mower with the features you want

Among Toro's products, you'll only find zero-turn options rather than traditional riding mowers. However, you can select between gas- and battery-powered riders. Although they can do the job faster, zero-turn designs cost more than garden riders, so you'll pay a premium if you stick with the Toro brand versus traditional-style riders

Toro's electric-powered zero-turn riding lawn mowers use the same 60-volt batteries found with its walk-behind electric models. These battery-powered products include Toro's IronForged Deck, which is a reinforced steel deck that helps to keep this segment of the machine in top condition — even when exposed to rough treatment and bumps. TimeCutter models have cutting decks that range from 34 to 60 inches in width.

Toro also offers the Titan brand of zero-turn lawn mowers for those who prefer gas-powered models. They have cutting decks between 48 and 60 inches in width. The Titan MAX line is made for homeowners, but it offers commercial-level build quality and performance for those who must mow big properties. If you want to save some money with a less powerful riding lawn mower, Toro's Titan MyRide mowers deliver a solid list of features and a comfortable suspension system.