The IKEA Hack You Need To Perfectly Organize Your ALEX Desk Drawers

If you are a frequent IKEA shopper, you might be in possession of the popular ALEX storage drawer units. These furniture pieces are perfect for storing office supplies like papers and folders. You can even purchase two ALEX storage units and a tabletop to create a desk hack with bonus storage space. Evidently, IKEA ALEX pieces are a smart investment. But to really optimize the drawers, place an IKEA STÖDJA Flatware Tray in its spaces. Although these trays are intended for utensil organization, they can also fit inside ALEX drawers perfectly.

Use the STÖDJA to keep pens, pencils, and other small office supplies organized. If you employ ALEX drawers to house items like hair accessories or cosmetics, the STÖDJA would be perfect for that as well. These trays are $2.99 each, so they are affordable enough to purchase multiple and use them to organize multiple ALEX storage drawers. Of course, you could also leave some spaces clear for larger items. Either way, the STÖDJA can really help you declutter your storage drawers on a budget.

The IKEA STÖDJA fits perfectly inside ALEX drawers

TikTok user @homewithsari shared a video detailing how to use the STÖDJA as one of the best products to help organize your workstation. As you can see in the clip, the content creator used the flatware tray to arrange office supplies like pens, sticky notes, and highlighters in the ALEX first drawer. Crafting supplies went into the second, showing the versatility of the STÖDJA. These small items would have easily created clutter without the tray.

It might be smarter to go with the STÖDJA rather than an actual drawer organizer. This is because of its affordable price point. For example, Amazon sells a Whitmor 6-Section Clear Drawer Organizer for $13.99. Meanwhile, Target's 8-piece Plastic Drawer Organizer is $10. Although these items are designed specifically for drawer organization, they are far pricier than the STÖDJA. Keep in mind that the versatile flatware tray also fits perfectly inside the ALEX. This may not be the case for many of the other organizers on the market.