Tips To Recreate The Look Of Hilary Farr's Stunning Main Bathroom For Less

It's no surprise that many HGTV fans enjoy learning various interior design tips from "Love it or List it" star Hilary Farr. Since the home design expert has such an impeccable eye for detail, it's also unsurprising that Farr's gorgeous home is absolutely show-stopping. One of the most beautiful spaces in her house is her main bathroom, as it exudes luxurious spa-like vibes. But believe it or not, you won't need to break the bank to get a similar look. Marble-inspired porcelain tiles, affordable clean white vanities and countertops, and chic mirrors and sconces will give you a Farr-inspired bathroom without having to spend like a TV star.

When looking at Farr's dreamy main bathroom, you'll notice that the space has a very open, airy feel due to the significant use of light neutrals. So, avoid incorporating bright colors or too many dark touches if you want to recreate the space in your own home. And when designing your Farr-inspired bathroom, the walls are an excellent place to start.

Get the marble look with a more affordable porcelain option like Hilary Farr's main bathroom

As you first look at Hilary Farr's beautiful main bathroom, you probably think it's made with expensive marble, right? Wrong! While the walls look like marble, the interior design expert confirmed in her Instagram post's caption that she used porcelain instead, writing, "Also from @idealtilephilly, the tranquility continues with the large format, Statuario porcelain panels which completely transformed my main bathroom." Since the HGTV star didn't feel the need to spend big on real marble, you shouldn't either.

Not only is porcelain typically less pricey than marble, but the relatively inexpensive alternative is also super durable, lasting a long time in your bathroom. Don't be afraid to use porcelain bathroom tile to revamp your space, as a porcelain option that looks like marble will provide a luxurious look — similar to Farr's bathroom — for a realistic price. For example, the elegant Pianetto Bernini Avorio Polished Porcelain Tile looks like marble and sells for about $2.50 per square foot at Floor & Decor, while marble tiles will typically cost at least a dollar more per square foot, and all those extra dollars will add up quickly. Once you have your marble-looking porcelain walls, keep in mind that tiles aren't the only aspect of your bathroom that you can modify to look more like Farr's.

Take inspiration from Hilary Farr's white double vanity, too

Another noteworthy aspect of Hilary Farr's main bathroom is her crisp white double vanity, so if you want your own bathroom to look as much like the HGTV star's as possible, invest in a clean white double vanity. Investing in a double vanity will make your home more desirable and give you more space to get ready, so consider upgrading to that two-sink design if you don't already have one. But of course, a double vanity won't suit every bathroom, so if a single vanity is right for your space, you can still take inspiration from Farr by opting for a white look. In addition to making your bathroom look more like the HGTV star's, a white vanity will help your space appear brighter and pair well with many decorations.

Farr's main bathroom vanity features a classic white countertop. While there are plenty of bathroom countertop materials to consider, you should know that Farr likes laminate. "They truly are beautiful and are a great option when budget is a factor. They are lower maintenance too, all of which makes this a great alternative to stone," Farr said, per Supply House Times. You can certainly stop at your Farr-inspired porcelain walls, white vanity, and countertops, but you may want to add just a few more details as well.

Complete your Hilary Farr-inspired bathroom with sleek mirrors and sconces

Every bathroom needs a mirror, and it's typically best for bathrooms with double vanities to feature two mirrors. Hilary Farr's main bathroom features two identical rectangular mirrors, and their frameless design adds to the space's contemporary feel, so you may want to add at least one similar mirror to your Farr-approved bathroom. The Glacier Bay Frameless Rectangular Polished Edge Bathroom Vanity Mirror provides a similarly chic effect to the mirrors in Farr's main bathroom, and it won't break the bank, as it sells for about $40 at Home Depot.

Farr's main bathroom also features slim scones to add one more alluring touch to the space. Opting for sconces in your bathroom can save space compared to bulkier lighting options and provide instant bright or moody charm. A similarly thin option to consider is the AFX Rusnak LED Bath Bar, available for under $180 at — but you should still have fun exploring various sconce choices to elegantly light up your bathroom. Ultimately, a Farr-inspired bathroom will add timeless intrigue to anyone's home.